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  1. And what's his e-mail address...? ;)
  2. I haven't checked the map yet, but I'm on it. I just wanted to know about this map editor. Where can I download it from? And if I can't, would you be able to send it to me via email? Thanx!
  3. Well, thanks for the personal map, I really appreciate it! And what will it be like? And the downloads are not down. I've just got the patch from the Downloads section...
  4. The ftp.westwood.cpm/pub/ is not alive. The 1.06 patch can be dowloaded from Fed2k too. Is it the same? And why are you making a map named nefud?
  5. AMIgaBot: I don't think there's enough room here for me to say thank you! The website you mentioned was alive, the download sequence of the game was perfect, and the game's running like there was never a problem before. Thanx again, dude!
  6. Here is the link if you really wish do dig yourself into all this cr*p: http://www.dune2k.com/forum/index.php?topic=16080.0 It's been discussed for a while, so if you have any further solutions, post them there, please! I'm feeling a bit homesick for Tuck's Sietch and the Imperial Basin... :'(
  7. The worst thing is that D2k should run under XP too. But my windows simply refuses to run Dune. I guess too bad for me... :'(
  8. Gee, it has been almost a decade ago, when I last had played with Lego. Oh, those good ol' times... :D And I've never would think that people are able to do such things from small blocks... I guess the child, who lives in us took over in you... right? ;)
  9. Nefud

    What Irony!!

    Maybe this option is blocked somewhere in the game or with a command line. Probably the makers did not want the Mercs to have the availability to rebuild their base. Maybe they wanted the player to watch over them... who knows...?
  10. Weel I have to disappoint you about me sending pictures about engineer masses, because my D2k is not working... so you'll have to wait a long time for those photos. :-
  11. Nefud

    What Irony!!

    Any of you guys ever seen the computer willingly picking up a crate? Because I have seen the AI sending units to a location, and on their way they came across crates, and picked them up. But I've never ever seen the computer running for a crate...
  12. ophirus: when are you being online? I'd like to try this game out, but when I first made an attampt for challenging sy, no one answered... :(
  13. Writing "DUNE" with engineers is a good one. I like it very much! But when I saw the swarm of engineers on the other picture I thought "J.C. I'd never do something like this..." :O :O :O How could you do it AMIgaBot? I'm considered a patient and calm guy, but even after the 10th minute I'd have lost my temper. It must have been a really hard work. All my respect goes to you, pal! ;)
  14. As much as I know Emperor has more or less the same scheme for victory. On the last (or one of the last - I can't remember now) you have to defeat the Sardaukar and kill the Imperial Worm (which is a huge, mutated worm.) The thing why I prefer WarCraft3 to Emperor is that in WC3 the campaigns follow each other in a line and unlike in WW games the aim is not always the destroying-everything-that-moves idea, but achieving a goal, which is suitable for your race. I think buying sards is good, because they are good at slaying infantry units very fast. Too bad they weren't made uncrushable by tanks such as tesla troops in Red Alert. The thumper infantry is used to deter the worms from your base and from your harvesters. Place one to a distant part of the map, if you want to neutralize the sandworms, but if you want to use them as an attacking unit do the following: deploy a thumper infantry close to the enemy base. After a few minutes/seconds a worm will arrive, and it will go for your thumper. Now undeploy the thumper and re-deploy it closer to the enemy base. Keep on doing this until you run into enemy, base-defending vehicles. They will kill your thumper, and by doing this they will have the worm attacking THEM, because it has no thumper to follow. ;)
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