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Chani or Irulan?


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I don't believe that Princess Irulan is a Bene Gesserit.  She has some Bene Gesserit training, but is not in the sisterhood.

The Bene Gesserit would kick anyone's ass and they do become the most feared group in the Universe leading up to the last two books, until the Honored Matres who are even tougher.

Paul fell in love with Chani and she bore his sons.  He married Irulan to gain a legitimate title to the throne. His choice is obvious.  

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. In Dune Messiah Irulan is a Bene-Gesserit. It states so. Unlike Paul who just has training in their ways.

It's been so long since I read Messiah I wasn't sure.  

For others, don't think the Bene Gesserit's numbers are small just because you don't read about many in the first three books.  Later in the series, it is clear that they have legions of troops, and until the Honored Matres arrive, they are the most feared group in the Old Empire, thanks in large part to Miles Teg.

The Bene Gesserit can use voice on just about anyone, including the Fremen, unless someone is trained to counter it.

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WHAT is leet?!

Leet is an outlawed internet language here at FED2K. We will not be discussing leet on this thread. If you want to know more you can instant message me here at FED2K. Any further mention of leet runs the risk of this thread becoming locked. Thank you :)

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The only thing with the enslaving with sex part is it not only makes slaves out of those being enslaved but also those who use it as slavery. That is always the case of slavery of any kind.

Also the Honored Mates had an enemy that they were trying to escape themselves.

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I'm sorry Gunner, but this question need be answered for other people. I remember trying to find out what leet was and no one would explain until Ligic sent me it.

Leet is replacment of letters for symbols. Like upside down calculators. Example: U becomes ***. that is all I will right.

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