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Chani or Irulan?


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Well, this is an amazingly long thread. I'd have to pick Chani over Irulan. Irulan only wants Paul for status and to unite the houses. Chani, on the other hand, would die for Paul.

Now, for my own personal choice, though: I'd choose Murbella, the adopted Bene Gesserit. Why? Because she knows all those great sex tricks that totally enslave a man. She enslaved Duncan, after all. LOL. AND, she is a great fighter. I mean, what a life with her: Sex, then a martial arts lesson or two, sex . . .

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Actually my choice, for me, would be neither - I'd pick Feyd-Rautha and if he wasn't available, then a Sardaukar. But, if I were male: Irulan is Bene Gesserit trained; Chani isn't. Irulan is beautiful and well-educated; Chani, well, isn't.

Also, it would be very, very difficult to poison or drug Irulan (unlike Chani) and she is far less likely to die in childbirth (ditto). Best of all, she's an excellent writer. Can Chani even write her name?

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Chani was never in Dune2000- the games are based very thinly on the books.

Irulan would make a better wife then Chani.

Whoops,I meant the movie by William Hurt. ::) ;D :)

The show by William Hurt? No...that 6hr miniseries was NOT by William Hurt. I don't know who's the producer hehe, but William Hurt is the cast, he's Leto.

Feel free to correct me about who the producer is, just that I know that William Hurt acted as Leto.

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