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Funniest Pic.

Kirby Gotenks absorbed

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None of those vacuum cleaners seem very modern, you need a Dyson.


Vacuum Cleaners tested

Kirby G3 Verses Dyson DC04

As I have owned both these machines for many years I decided to undertake a simple test.

Starting with empty/clean dustbags/collecting bowls,  I vacuumed my carpet with the Kirby and then the Dyson, then repeated the experiment the other way around.

To my amazement I discovered that the Dyson picked up dirt that the Kirby had left behind!

As a  vacuum cleaner the Kirby can be beaten but it is a very good carpet cleaner too and will outlast most machines.

The Dyson is a great vacuum cleaner lasts reasonably well if cared for. However some models look very flimsy and  I would like to see James Dyson make a real quality one, built to last like the Kirby.

So in conclusion, Kirby was beaten by someone who lives quite close to me.

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Rather than start a whole new thread about this, I thought I'd post it here.  It's a YouTube link, so not technically a picture, but it's still damned funny.

Just a little bit of warning for any viewer who is easily offended: this video contains some stereotyping of the Middle East and terrorism.  There are also some sporadic jokes mocking several other cultures / religions, but it's all done in good humour.  Nothing that you wouldn't hear on a standard stand-up comedy show. :P

Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

For those of you who have watched the video:

[hide]SILENCE!  I kill you![/hide]


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I was waiting for the King to take a french fry and dip it in ronald's remains from the window, because it's only logical that Mr. McDonald bleeds ketchup, not real blood.

from the site where i got the pic, the McSsassination attempt was described as "the burger king mascot shot ronald mc donald in the head with a shotgun filled with 2 pounds of AIDS-infected meat..  :D

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