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  1. Lemme give this a shot... "Player, Virgin, Gamer" I found a world where now I live A reality I believe Swirling colors and vast landscape Not minding the pain on my nape I'm accepted for who I am As I mingle with all of them With flashing epic gear I wield Atop my mount I charge the field Swinging left and right in a craze My godlike power made them brace I saved the world from terrorists 'Midst the discomfort on my wrists MP5 Navy and handgun And hand grenades got the job done Then rabid zombies plagued the world Charging wildly while Boomers hurled My guns made short work of them all As the
  2. i really don't have anything i need in that HD so i happily threw it from the third floor of our building. ;) and about that heat, that was just a question, considering how hot it can be in my place during summer.
  3. i will upgrade it within this month, it's just a temporary fix because i really need to finish my project... does anyone have an idea on why did that hard disk go nuts like that? some of my pals here said it's because of the heat (does heat still pose a risk to parts even if the pc is turned off?)
  4. surprisingly it didn't turn off automatically on the other pc. i removed my old psu and changed it to my spare one... everything was going fine until this afternoon the pc won't turn on. then it eminated some weird stench, obviously the scent of something burnt. went back to the techie. whenever the IDE hard disk is plugged in the PC won't open, but when it's not plugged in the pc boots just fine. problem is my OS is in that hard disk. so he was kind enough to let me borrow his disk. my IDE is now dead, after years of service, and the port where you jack in the power smells like... that burnt
  5. can it be possible that it is because of my bios upgrade? the turning off is becoming really really frequent now EDIT: okay the problem stopped. I formatted my OS drive and installed windows 7... the technician said that the turning off shenanigan is caused by a virus.
  6. will try to disable the enable queuing option in a moment... Tried the disk with a different cable and it's still having problems. Haven't got an extra mobo or a nearby friend to try it on... I was wondering if something good will happen if i try to update my bios? I haven't done that yet ever since I bought this mobo EDIT: updated my bios, so far so good... as for the queuing option, I don't have that option in my device manager when i click properties on any of those controllers... EDIT #2: so yeah, while surfing the net my pc suddenly turned itself off. As in off, everything off. I turned i
  7. I was just reading an article on the net then suddenly I heard that low whistling sound I said in the last post. Then I checked Event Viewer and these errors came up: An error was detected on device DeviceHarddisk1D during a paging operation. The device, DeviceIdeIdePort2, did not respond within the timeout period. An error was detected on device DeviceHarddisk1D during a paging operation. And after that this guy ALWAYS comes next The ring buffer that stores incoming mouse data has overflowed (buffer size is configurable via the PS/2 mouse properties in device manager). The same also happened
  8. once again, it's another HD problem... I threw away the old one and bought a new one last week. It's a Seagate 160gb and at first it's okay until these past few days where you can hear it turn on (you know that sound hard disks make when you boot up the pc like a low whistle or something)... Did scandisk and any other diagnostics and they're all fine, so I'm thinking can the problem be directed to the MOBO itself? Come on, I'm having problems with newly bought SATA hard disks yet that four year old IDE hard disk is not even whining a little bit.
  9. So far so good with the hard disk's new duty as data storage... Just asking, what's the "dangerous" temperature of a hard disk? I'm keeping track of my temp with HDD Health and it spikes up to 51 degrees Celsius on afternoons (we have a heat wave here) and 48 at night. Thinking of actually placing a desk fan next to the open case of my PC to cool things up
  10. I forgot to say that the first time this hard disk went gaga, I used my other hard disk, a 3-year old 80gb IDE Seagate and it still has an OS installed. I popped both hard disks in and what I saw in explorer is that the 280gb partition of my other hard disk is still there and the files are still okay but the other partition, the 17gb (the OS) vanished. Then when I remove the IDE hard disk it just hangs up in the windows boot screen... So in case this thing goes haywire again, can I still use the 280gb partition as storage? Used the SeaTools but the windows version not the DOS one,, it fails on
  11. sadly i don't have a floppy drive nor spare floppies anymore, they're a thing of the past here, long forgotten :( very nervous because the thought of "if the error strikes again" still lingers on my head
  12. So as I'm typing this I'm waiting for my Nvidia driver to finish downloading because I've just formatted my hard disk. It's a Western Digital 320gb SATA hard disk, and I've partitioned it to 280gb for my files and 17.8gb for the OS (the remaining GB's are nowhere, friend says that's normal for hard disks to have missing GB's). Everything went on smoothly until one day as I was playing Heroes of Newerth, pc crashed and a BSOD popped up. I restarted but then I can't boot back to XP, its just stuck on the bootscreen, the blue bar moving nonstop. Cant even boot through safe mode, it hangs up while
  13. tried 'em all last night, warcraft still goes kaput. Only warcraft.
  14. So yeah I got me this Inno3d 9500 gt (512 mb, ddr3) and everything works just fine, except for Warcraft 3 which tends to spark a BSOD regarding "nv4_disp.dll" and a page fault something (can't remember clearly), but when it comes to other games like Supreme Commander, Dawn of War, or even Left 4 Dead 2 nothing bad happens the game's smooth sailing. And the BSOD has a 20% chance of occuring, :(
  15. piterdevries

    good MMO?

    hi guys, can you recommend me a good MMO game since level-grinding is getting pretty lame (and repetitive) nowadays, well it would be okay if it were a level-grinding MMORPG as long as it has some unique aspects which sets it apart from other MMORPG's. And yeah, free please, hehe, no asking for credit cards on the registration page.
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