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Funniest Pic.

Kirby Gotenks absorbed

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Yes, but there were emails condemning it as well,

Did you even read the Mario/Samus Cartoon?

Yes, I did.

I got a small chuckle out of the zelda and kirby cartoons.

well, you have to realize, tenks, that it is sometimes hard for ages 14 and 20ish to see eye to eye all the time on humor. (gunner you're 20's right?)

Nope. I'm getting there though.

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You too are a Porn Lord. Although, (unfortunately for all non-porn lords) like about 40-60% of the Net is probably porn, my friend even said that these are the top 10 results he found on youtube:

1. Porn

2. Porn

3. Porn

4. Porn

5. Porn

6. Porn

7. Dragonball Z

8. Porn

9. porn

10. Porn

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