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Funniest Pic.

Kirby Gotenks absorbed

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How about these:




Read the side of the box:


Someone actually built this car. It is legal to drive with it on the normal roads, as long as he doesn't use the jet engine. The jet engine does work however, and if I'm correct he accelerates to 300 KM/H in ten seconds.


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Obviously enough people for someone to make an amateur GIF about the subject.

Seriously, you find out that Sheik is Zelda during the course of the game, and you're likely to figure it out before then, anyway.  How someone could confuse the gender, let alone the identity, of Sheik is beyond me.

And this is coming from someone who must have first played this at age 12 or 13.

 Not quite a picture, but funny nonetheless.  Even if you don't like TF2, you're sure to giggle at some point.
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