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    Site Updates

    Wow, it's been awhile! A question about the Emperor mods you used to host, Gob - they aren't in the Downloads section of the forum, and I couldn't seem to find a thread that said they had been deleted. I don't suppose you have them squirrelled away somewhere?
  2. Beonid

    Site Updates

    I gave the 'What hardware are you going to buy in 2010' thread a quick skim, and I've picked out the post's he/she/it's copied. Their first post in the thread copied your first post in the thread, Andrew, and the second copied the OP. I'm not sure about the rest of their posts.
  3. On a completely unrelated note, I may have found Navaros! Emphasis mine. I suppose he had to go somewhere.
  4. Yes, that's something I've been wondering myself, since I searched for the main characters names' in Google a couple of years ago.
  5. Beonid

    Mass Effect 2

    [hide]It was alright. Omega was by far the best explorable area. I was disappointed that we didn't really get to see any of the places from ME1. Mordin was brilliantly done. Subject Zero, not so much. I'm into stats and inventories, not customisable armour. Buggy too.[/hide] Enjoyable, but not as good as the original. Instead of modifying the areas which needed attention, Bioware removed them completely. I suppose that's what you get when you buy a PC game that's been 'dummed-down' for console. Oddly enough, ME1, even though its original release was on 360, did not suffer from this. Looks to me like Bioware is going downhill.
  6. Beonid

    Software Guide

    Yeah, I tend to not bother with that method - UNetbootin is better for me, as it runs in Windows. I've used it for testing all sorts of distros - Puppy, DSL and Backtrack, to name a few. It also has a handy feature which downloads the latest version for you, then installs it to your flash drive. It works with all the LiveCD images I've tried so far, but I'm sure there'll be some which don't want to work. EDIT: Just remembered that it doesn't always download the latest image for you - in some cases it does, some it doesn't. Check the site for more information.
  7. Beonid

    Software Guide

    I haven't posted here for a while, but thought I'd pop in to recommend EasyBCD. I had a bit of trouble removing the GRUB bootloader from my hard drive after stupidly installing Ubuntu to a flash drive. To cut a long story short - this program can be used to reset the master boot record from inside Windows, so if you don't have your Vista disk (like I don't), you can still reset the MBR simply and effectively. It's also got a lot of other useful features to customise the Vista MBR in other ways - I'm not going to mention them here though.
  8. You could say Intel has always dominated the market, due to the sheer numbers of chips produced - perhaps that was a bad choice of words there . ;) However, I think it's fair to say that AMD did dominate the consumer market for some time, simply due to companies such as Dell and HP choosing to use them for their 'home' products. What I meant was that AMD's Athlon 64 dual cores were very popular before the Core 2 Duos came out. The only dual cores that Intel had were Pentium Ds, which were useless, due to the large amounts of heat produced and their inferior speeds. I read your post before, and you had more questions - unfortunately, I can't answer them now, since you've removed them... If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me or reply here.
  9. It's late here, so this'll have to be quick. Processor: If you can get this, do. Core 2 Quad from Intel and AMD's Phenom II are good value for money. i7 is good for power, but is very expensive. If you can only get a dual core, get a Core 2 Duo - they are far better than any AMD dual core on the market. Don't be fooled by lower clock speeds (measured in GHZ). I might sound like an Intel salesperson here, but it needs to be said that Intel has dominated the market for CPUs since they released their "Core 2" range for good reason. If you come across nanometres, generally lower is better. I.e. 65nm is worse than 45nm. RAM: From what I can see you've chosen the right sort, DDR2 800. If you aren't going for the i7, get 4GB of DDR2, if you are, get 6GB of DDR3 RAM. Graphics: If you're looking for sheer performance, go with Nvidia. ATI is the best value - get something like the HD 4850 or 4870. Cases: Antec cases are good - make sure you read the reviews though. Thermaltake also make good cases I've heard. Same with Silverstone. Motherboards: Gigabyte is reliable. ASUS sometimes has a bit of Engrish in their manuals, but build quality is generally pretty good. Power supplies: Buy one seperately rather than get one with the case (unless the case is made by a manufacturer who also makes power supplies). I've had too many cheap PSUs fail on me. Investigate what power connections you'll need. Sound cards aren't really necessary these days unless you're an audiophile. Inbuilt sound is generally good quality. I'm typing this at 2 AM, so please forgive any grammatical errors. I'll come back and edit if I see something terribly wrong.
  10. Hmm. You're missing about 12GB by my estimates - my 320GB hard drive has a recovery partition of 9.72GB plus a main partition with 288GB. Something to do with laptop hard drives maybe? I'm using a compaq cq45 laptop.
  11. I wouldn't mind continuing. The only problem for me is time, and the fact that I've lost all my notes for this fanfic/rp. My activity is not guaranteed - I only visit Fed2k once or twice a week these days...
  12. Opened (the video is fan-made) - Assemblage 23 Can anyone here recommend a good mp3 player? I need something with at least 16GB of storage space, as anything smaller frustrates me (I burnt my iPod shuffle over a bunsen burner).
  13. Beonid

    Site Updates

    Not just you, my friend. Not just you.
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