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Best Game Ever


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R-Type [Commodore 64] - the older folks probably know this classic spaceship-scroll-shooter. no need to say more.

World Cup [NES] - also a classic! it was that crazy soccer game on the nes in which every team had some special moves, especially the fallback goals were great. a lot of fun, not like those realistic soccer games like today.

Metroid II [Gameboy] - the best gameboy game ever... I played it over and over again. during times when internet was not widely spread and it took weeks for me to finish cause I was stuck at a particular point and couldn't just check for a walkthrough online.

Soulblade [Playstation] - the best Beat 'Em Up Game ever... I challenged my friends all the time. We were having small saturday-noon-tournaments at my place and had so much fun with this game. It was way more fun and action than that tekken stuff.

FarCry [PC] - the best single player fps until now. I played it soooo many times. sometimes I play it to the end and then just start over again. don't know how often I played it, but it took a while until I managed to play it on "realistic" mode which is really very hard and you only survive if you almost exactly know how many enemies there are, where they stand and often even which weapon they use (so you can decide which one to shoot first afert sneaking onto them)

Counter-Strike [PC] - the best multiplayer fps. played it since the beginning and for years our clan played on lan tournaments and online leagues. unfortunately valve made the game almost worse every update since the early betas (5.2 was probably the best) and made it noob-friendly and mass-compatible (e.g. removing bunnyhopping, strafejumping, faster weapon switching...). I still play 1.6 sometimes though. I have CS Source on my account too but this is really the worst, especially if you are used to a tournament game and also play like this - this isn't possible with source. they also noticed this at the world cyber games and switch back to 1.6 now.

Dune-Series [PC] - I started with dune 1. I really liked it and was surprised when dune 2 was so much different than the first part which was more like some kind of rpg for me. I played both parts very much, dune 2 even more of course. I wasn't comfortable with dune 2000 though. I played emperor shortly after it was available but didn't like it (borrowed it at the gamestore for 1 day) and didn't buy it. I also was heavily involved into the whole counterstrike league gaming during that time. I re-discovered the game later though, gave it another try and bought it then (was cheap now too) and I really like it. I tried much other rts, didn't like any of these because of bad camera angles, imbalance, not my type (horses and swords e.g.)... so emperor is still the best rts out there.

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1. The original DOS Prince of Persia - this was my very first "serious" computer game (as opposed to solitaires, color lines and all that kind of desktop games). I would play over and over back in mid-90s, but never came to beat it because I didn't know about the savegame option. However, I returned to the game about 2 years ago, when I downloaded the DOSBox emulator, and tested it with all my old DOS games. Then I beat Prince in two days (no, not in 48 hours of non-stop playing ;)), having learned of how to save a game from some FAQ. The game is really very cool, diverse, fun to play and has a nice, clever design.

As a side note, Prince of Persia enjoyed great popularity in the early years of post-Soviet Union Russia. Almost every computer had a copy of it, and people spent hours at their workplaces playing ;D A short novel by Russian writer Victor Pelevin titled Prince of Central Planning is partially inspired by this game. In the novel, reality of the decaying perestroikian Russia in which the characters (who are working at Gosplan and Gossnab) exist converges with the virtual realities of the games that they are playing at working hours. The main character lives in the reality of Prince of Persia.

2. Warcraft Series. The very first RTS that got me into the genre was Warcraft 2. I played the game at my classmate's, and was immediately charmed by it. Warcraft 3 reintroduced some units and concepts from Warcraft 1, and I became eager to obtain the first part of the trilogy. While doing so, I also got interested in Westwood strategies, and the history of RTS in general. The Frozen Throne appealed to me especially because the naval units were reintroduced.

3. Starcraft & Brood War. Definitely one of my most favorite games that I spent hours and hours playing (it should be mentioned that I never play online though), as well as creating new missions for the game. The advanced capabilities of the Campaign Editor, compared to the Warcraft 2 Map Editor, really impressed me, and I decided to create my own Starcraft campaigns. As the result, I've got a 14-mission Terran campaign, an incomplete Protoss campaign and some other, less significant yet quite numerous campaign sequences and missions, which I created at my leisure over some 5 years. These aren't anything special in comparison to custom campaigns one can find at Campaign Creations, but nevertheless, I had lots of fun creating, testing and editing ::) As for the game itself, I guess there is no need to point out the gripping storyline, dynamic gameplay, nice graphics and sound effects that Starcraft has to offer ;D

4. Westwood Strategies (Dune and C&C). Over the 90s, I had only a few glimpses of these games, and started collecting and playing them only since 2002. To my mind, one of the best things in these games is music by Frank Klepacki, which is definitely excellent. Although I like them all (especially C&C ones), I generally prefer the oldies (Dune 2, Command & Conquer Gold and Red Alert) for some reason.

5. Alien vs Predator and Alien vs Predator 2. My interest in Alien and Predator movies got me into these. The games are very different (the first one was designed by the same team that did Alien vs Predator for Atari Jaguar), but both are fun to play. The first is action-packed, unusual, scary (all those aliens suddenly popping out of the dark ;)), and the design (visuals and sounds) is on the level. The second, which is more plot-oriented and hits on mystery and suspense, is also very good. I especially like the way the clues to the plot are scattered across the levels in papers, notes and on computer screens the player (Marine or Predator) can read, slowly putting these bits of data into the correct picture. The characters are bright and vivid, and the plot is rather dramatic (especially the conflict of the Predator Prince and General Rykov in the Predator campaign).

6. Will Rock. This is one game fun to play. While adhering to the traditions of Doom gameplay (haven't played Serious Sam, sorry), it features beautifully designed environments and overall good graphics. There is little else to say, but I find it fun running around Ancient Greece-themed places and shooting all those minotaurs, satyrs, living statues and even crazier creatures :D

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R-Type [Commodore 64] - the older folks probably know this classic spaceship-scroll-shooter. no need to say more.

I'm with you there veK.

By the way, if this list is for ANY game on ANY system, then why no mention of the greats like Street Fighter II  an Double Dragon ?? ???

I take it I dont need to explain those two, right ?

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yea I also liked street fighter very much. we used to play it on an amiga500. it had 4 or 5 floppy discs and you had to change them all the time... kinda annoying, but we still played it all day long against each other.

why didn't I mention it? I just wanted to pick the games I loved most. If I made a list of all my favourite games I certainly could write a book about it, because if you have a histor of gaming (like me beginning with c64 and gameboy stuff) you see quite a lot of great games. the ones I mentionend are just my absolute favourites which I played months or years or which I even still play now. so I picked different systems and on pc I decided to go for favourite singleplayer, favourite multiplayer and favourite whatever (in this case rts)... I could pick so many other games, but I guess these are the favourites amongst my favourites...  :)

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I had legend of zelda on the N64 and while my brother played it and loved it, all the reviews said it was the greatest game of the year and all that stuff, I just didnt get into it...What was it all about ??

yea.. ocarina of time was the zelda on the N64

It was the first 3D zelda actually, none game ever showed such a beautiful graphics for that time

it had also a very unique gameplay, you could do whatever you wanted, you didn't have to follow only 1 path... you could stop with the mainquest and do sidequests anytime you liked. (GTA3, oblivion etc now have the same idea)

and it had +- 50 hours gameplay to complete the game, together with a very strong storyline.

for me it took 5 years to complete the game

here are some reviews:


But I don't recommand you buying it or playing it now.

the game is outdated  :)

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Sector K240 (Amiga)

Dune II (Amiga)

Xcom: UFO Defense / UFO: Enemy Unknown

Xcom Apocalypse

Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares

Total Annihilation


Shogo: Mobile Armour Division

Diablo I

Planescape Torment

Baldur's Gate 2

Dark Reign

Worms 2/Armageddon

There are too many, really.

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My favourite games would be:

1. Deus Ex (really the best one)

2. Dune Series

3. Battlefield 2

4. Warcraft 3 / TFT

5. Call of duty United Offensive (MP)

6. Gothic 2 and 3

7. Dark Messiah

8. Arx Fatalis

Games i hate:

1. Oblivion and morrowind..

2. Sims

3. CS

4. Guild wars


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