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  1. What about arranging an emperor day for somewhere in March? Spreading the word to the old players on mail, msn, ... getting everyone together. Just some random sunday we pick as e:bfd day. hopefully with +- 20 people online at the same moment, playing some 3on3's ? I'dd be in.
  2. oot is a masterpiece :) if i remember correct you see a difference between the holes that bring you to the entrance (they are more 3d with white) and the holes you need to follow to get to sara (they're solid black). GL!
  3. the one who was responsible for the pie f%@#!ed it up
  4. i am in belgium my best guess would be that kindjall is in china
  5. oh did i say harkdawg oh shit oh shit! i actually meant to say NAVAROS BEST ATR PLAYER EVER!
  6. we need pie to reincarnate ebfd!!
  7. welcome back! I maybe seem to remember you, did you use to play in m3t4l? not sure tho :)
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