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  1. Unfortunately, these days, I have not time for the site, or gaming now. So, I would like for my user account to be deleted, in case any other user wants it. Sorry everyone, please delete my account, and any posts I may have made since I have been here. I am not active enough for it to be used. Thank you. ~Arraki, signing out.
  2. Ah, ok, but one other thing, how do i get a user name, as it didn't even allow me to do that in the installation, do i need to do something in particular? Like make an account on EA and stuff like that? or is there something else i need to do? Please help, i so want to play this online, the campaign is too easy and the skirmishes against the computer is just, to put it blandly, kiddish, i need a real challenge, thanks to who can help me, and thanks Re-erjin999 for the help about the registering, i won't try that again, heh heh. Arraki
  3. Hello all, I just got my game Emperor game out again and was playing fine, until I decided to register it, but, since putting the new OS on my comp, (Vista Business 32bt) the installer won't allow me to register my copy, and I know it was a new copy, as I bought new from PC World, but, it wouldn't allow me to register it, saying page could not be found or what ever. When I received a pop up from WLOC, I clicked "Allow This Program" but, it still wouldn't like the loader/setup, so, is there anything that anyone can do to help me? If so, the thanks will be greatly appreciated. Arraki
  4. Hey sorry I've not been on-line recently, (my comp has been changed to broadband and i was cancelled out of this due to parental controls), but I'm back now. I've been looking around here but i didn't seem to notice a thread for this yet so here it is. I will ask four questions so give your most honest answer. Q1. How many people have this game? Q2. What do you think? Q3. Did Sega go too far to bring back Sonic or was it good enough? Q4. Do you think Sonic deserved another shot at 3D or was it fine at 2D? I will give you my answers to these questions, however i am quite biased to it so it will most likely be my fanboyism talking. Q1. I have it Q2. I think it's an absolutely fantastic game Q3. It was almost over the top Q4. I believe 2D was excellent but some of the 3D games were good, but I'm saying that this is the best 3D sonic game put out. I'm am looking forward to some peoples answers to these questions, and depending on how much you like Sonic himself i know the best Sonic forum that has been put out, i shall give you their site address. www.tsf.sonicstrike.net If you really like Sonic, be a cool blue guy and pop round, this site is always grateful to have newcomers, however do not vandalise the site in anyway or spam it, (except in the spam games forum) any attempts to do this will get you banned immediately, also look at the rules located in each forum page and you will be fine, no one will get on your back and you can keep on posting, happy posting guys and gals. :) Arraki over and out.
  5. Arraki

    Best Game Ever

    What are your most favorite games and why are they so?
  6. Download music match media player (sorry don't know the web address) and click file, convert and then choose whatever music you want converted
  7. Arraki

    West Wing

    West Wing is enjoyable and funny, except for the last series, that just took the biscuit, it wasn't funny, then again what do you expect with it being the LAST SERIES.
  8. Arraki

    New Dune Games

    That would be good, if you do i will buy C&C3 and get your mod, i'm always looking for ways to change other games to be like games i like. ;D
  9. Arraki

    Paypal money

    Parents aren't everything, they might give you money but they also might make you work hard for it. Sometimes you don't get payed, it has happened to me.
  10. Arraki

    West Wing

    Who here liked west wing and who is either sad or happy that it is now over. I really enjoyed it but am sad that it is now finished. :'(
  11. Arraki

    The Settlers !

    I only ever played settlers 2 having been given to me and i never could get into it properly, it was pitiful that i could never get past level 2, but i enjoyed playing the skirmishes even though i never got that far. :(
  12. Arraki

    New Dune Games

    I think they should make the history of dune books into an RTS having three sides to the stories, the jihad, the machines and the cymeks, each with special weapons or units. The jihad having the rossak sorceresses, the machines with their metal ball things and the cymeks with well neo-cymeks. Each side having the ability to make and use atomics. :)
  13. Arraki

    New Dune Games

    Do You Think There Should Be New Dune Games Out Or Should The Originals Be Worked On. :O
  14. Anyone know where i can get a trainer or rules ini file for the first CnC
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