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Best Game Ever


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Dune 2, what else...

but Rome TW, Deus Ex, Freespace, Sacrifice, Tiberian Sun and third Mechwarrior deserve to be appraised as well ;)  hard to choose, there used to be made many good pieces at a short time few years ago

btw there had been a similar thread last year, so I've merged them

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Looking through this thread, I'm really surprised to get no results when searching "final fantasy". I thought that a thread like this would end up with it being brought back again and again.

Maybe Dune games' players leave this out more..

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Total war: Read below


SC 2: One of the two truly deep fighting games I have played. Take's a while to enjoy though, as it takes a considerable amount of time to put up a decent fight against button mashing speedster characters wielding players and counter whores (this latter category actually may be impossible to overcome, ruining the game for those wanting to have fun I'd say, though atleast countering does take quite a bit of training. Still though, Speedster mashers can ruin the game early on with counter whores ruining it later on, both enjoying an amount of success that is enormously disprortionate to the skill required for these way's of playing). However, once you've become skilled the game is very fun as long as counter whores are not involved (counter whores are actually fairly rare anyway, so...).

Smash Brothers: Truly deep and hugely dynamic and action packed. Along with the variety in the characters, 4 player capability and continously intense gameplay this is probably the best game I have ever played.

Arcanum: A bit slow with a somewhat shallow combat system, but offers the best open ended campaighn/world I have ever seen along with a decent storyline and interesting and entertaining character progression. A must have for any RPG fan, I'd say. If only Sierra would make a sequel of this game to fully realize it's great potential...

FF7: Great storyline. The only game that has even been able to induce emotion (excl RE2 and it's frightfulness:D) in me.

RE2: The only game ever able to scare me.

aaah, The total war series. For me it is the only RTS series that REALLY feels strategical. As opposed to other games where micro-management and BO's decided upon BEFORE the match are most important (well, I guess the BO's are strategy, so I guess strictly speaking TW is the only game I've ever played that really feels like it has in-game strategy). Well, I guess there's starcraft to, but since I lost my CD's I obviously haven't played that game much.

Now that I think about, I never even really plated C&C and RA properly either...hmmm. TA looked like it had strong potential but it's yet another game I never got a chance to play properly. Dang, lack of internet access in earlier years meant losing out on seriously playing (the AI's were and still are far to dumb to be interesting to play against) many great strategy (or should I call them ''strata gems'' lol) games. Think I might just go about recollecting all these oldies. Lol, I only ever got to play C&C and RA at an internet cafe I used to frequent.

As for Generals, Warcraft 3, Act Of War,e.t.c... bleh. For the last few years strategy gaming has gone seriously downhill. Most of these games get rated highly for 1 novel feature while the rest of the game sucks @$$

Gaming in general has been decling for the last 5 or 6 years. The decline seems to have started round about when the dreamcast and arcade gaming ''died'' and the PS2 rose to dominance. On that note I must say that that WHOLE machine seems overrated to me. My brothers have purchased quite a large catalogue of game and yet I virtually never use that machine. Not really a great game in the whole pile and only a couple of ''good'' (games worth completing the campaighn for, really.

The PS3 is going the same way for me. Even with it so recently obtained I never use it. People make a big hub bub about God Of War and Ninja Gaiden but after you've played SC2 (people say it's far better on Gamecube) and Smash Brothers Melee on Gamecube you will find those games far to shallow (along with SC3). SC4 is looking shite so as well, from what little I've heard.

The Wii was kind of my hope to reverse this downward trend of unoriginal and uninspired games, but that console is pretty much receiving very little real third party support. Mostly third party developers are just making crummy cheap offshoots of their flagship franchises along with cr@ppy disney movie based games and the like. Basically, they're just pumping out cash cows for the system. Guess since Nintendo labelled their console as being aimed at the ''casual'' gamer third parties think that the console is a huge opportunity for raking fools of their money with cheap typical cash cow cr@p.

Still, with Super Mario Galaxy and Smash Brothers Brawl out there hope remains. Nintendo is basically holding up their machine and the interests of ''true gamers'' (ie: people who just want fun games) single handedly it seems.

I guess FPS has kind of been going reasonably strong as well, especially in comparison to other genres. Doom 3, Far cry, Fear... all decent at the least, with pretty good being a more reasonable lable in most of their cases. As for all the console FPS's though, I have no interest. Don't really see how those games can be any good relying on two analogue sticks. My brother purchased Black, Resistance: Fall Of Man and Call Of Duty 4 and having played each of them for a short amount of time they ALL seem terrible. If they had a keyboard and mouse or wiimote/light gun (or something) that would be a different story. Basically any FPS reliant on two analogue sticks generally has no chance for me unless they are of a rather unique nature. Any qualities an FPS might otherwise have go out the window otherwise.

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Ever since the source code got released, there have been tons of software for playing DooM wads. I normally use JDoom. You can use actual 3D models (downloaded separately) though sticking to sprites would be quite screwed up because of the way the JDoom engine works. Otherwise, ZDoom and ZDaemon work fine. I fine JDoom to be the easiest to play a fine LAN game on though.

We usually play over a wireless connection.

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I forgot 2 games in my best of list... and actually they really are 2 of the best games ever made for the PS2 (not just me thinking that way):

God of War 1 & 2

I LOVE THEM... dunno how many times I've already played them. It's sick. But they rock and I can't wait for the 3rd part (have to get a PS3 then... but I only got the PS2 for the first to games so what the hell...  ;D

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I normally use JDoom. You can use actual 3D models (downloaded separately) though sticking to sprites would be quite screwed up because of the way the JDoom engine works.

Are the DooM 3D model pack and hi-res sprites good? I never got to downloading them, because of the relatively large size of the files (for my slow dial-up connection that is). Sadly I don't have the habit of playing online (and time. I don't have time for that too), otherwise I'd gladly join you :)

When I got interested in the history of FPS as a genre recently, yhe Rise of the Triad came to my attention, and I downloaded the shareware episode. Although I only player Wolf-3D, DooM and Duke Nukem back in mid to late 90s, RotT brought back a nostalgic feel :) Nicely done, good music, although the DooM engine is technically superior.

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The one I used was under 100mb, but they are pretty chunky for DooM in any case. I don't use any hi-res sprites. The program's here: http://www.doomsdayhq.com/

I've played Rise of the Triad, but just had no idea how to get around it (getting stuck on level 1? Is there something wrong with my version?). I'd still stick with DooM though. It was the only classic FPS I played back in the day (and today). Blake Stone, Rise of the Triad and Wolf3D (Sorry, but I started with DooM, so going backwards doesn't work too well for me...) didn't make the cut for me.

But Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is great! I absolutely enjoy playing it with FritzBot. It's not a classic FPS though, so put that out of the picture.

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Actually I haven't played any new games, both RTS and FPS, in ages. The most recent FPSs I've got are AvP2 and Will Rock (a pretty nice no-brainer, by the way); as for RTS, it's EBfD I think. I haven't played Generals (since it's not true C&C) or C&C 3 (I think I'll need an upgrade to decently play that one). Generally, I'm waiting for StarCraft II ;D

As for RotT, I think I got through to level 7 or 8 before getting preoccupied with other things. I don't get too much time to play these days...

All-in-all, I have a tendency to be interested in old games and their history. For example, here is the result of my humble research on the history of how Starcraft was developed.

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1.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl

2.) Kingdom hearts 1 or 2

3.) Any kirby game

4.) Armored Core Nexus (maybe something else)

All-in-all, I have a tendency to be interested in old games and their history. For example, here is the result of my humble research on the history of how Starcraft was developed.

Well, a lot (A LOT) of new games aren't very good, still, you should try some GOOD new games.

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