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People, how about using the hosting site recommended at the top of the thread ? It makes it easier to browse and much quicker to load, so I dont gotta load images I seen already evertime there is a new post.


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Compressed in .gif format, Erijn, my desktop capture is 8.1k... I assume you'll allow me to forego using an external image site?  ;-)

This image was shrunk to half-size for the sake of easier viewing.  My Windows appearance settings are a black background, grey button face, light grey text, and gold for header bars and highlighting (three guesses how I came up with -that- colour scheme).  Over the years I'd tried a number of different wallpapers, often involving Dune, Star Wars, or Roman themes; however, upon recently finding myself using the default Mircrosoft Clouds, I realised I didn't care that much and figured pure black would be a little easier on the phosphors, not to mention my eyes.

I generally try to maintain only a single column of desktop icons, which appears to common of those presented in this thread.  Of those icons displayed, only five are permanent: My Computer, Recycle Bin, My Documents, Network Neighbourhood, and my internet access dialer.  The other two are temporary text files of e-mails or posts that I'm drafting.  On my QuickLaunch bar are Desktop, Media Player, and Firefox.  In my System Tray are McAfee Virus Control, Volume Control, Creative Audio HQ, my keyboard button application (which I probably could do without), and of course the clock.


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Damn can't see any of the pics in this thread hosted by imageshack, anyonw got the same problem?

What browser you using?

Odd, I tried using IE and saw a box with red X in your post. That did not show up in firefox(nothing was there, just space). Is this what you mean?

Source for ExSPlug desktop (probably bad coding in your post?)


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I recently installed windows blinds, with the Mac OS X theme.

I also installed Konfabulator and got the weather you see.


Looks much prettier, although eating resources up to 100% with music running at times (only 24% when not doing a single thing). But I need to reboot.

My desktop is finally clean :D

right click desktop, arrange icons by, then uncheck show desktop icons.

Then on the taskbar (bottom of screen) right click/toolbars/desktop.

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my desktop is solid black - cause I always got enogh programs opened to make a dekstop background unnecessary...

this it what it looks like right now.

note: this is a 1600x2250 picture, so you might wanna zoom out if you click that link. I use the lower display (15" notebook lcd) mainly for file browsing, music, irc and msn/icq as you can see...

the upper display (20" tft) is for all the programs like firefox, email, powerpoint, photoshop or special programs which I need. it also got the live ticker with some important stock market information and/or news which were currently posted on ftd.de...

so don't expect anything special but just a clean desktop for working efficiently:


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you can add whatever stock or fonds you want by creating a login on the ftd page and create you own portfolio which the ticker then shows you. you can double click a special value and the page opens up with all the stats and stuff you need to know. very nice. same with the news system. I now have 2 ticker running simultaneaously - one for my stock rates, the other for the news :)

erjin: I use this skin since years. since it was first published on the winamp skin page. this one is still the best. really cool matrix style :)

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