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  1. The domain expires next week. I just want to get it to a good home... Please get in touch if you're interested.
  2. I don't mind who takes it as long as it stays in the community really... the only people who shouldn't have it is the domain name sellers. Another idea is to share ownership/renewal costs. It will come with free hosting. Happy to do this if anyone is interested.
  3. Anyone? I don't really want to let it expire and have a domain seller take it...
  4. Hello, I am retiring the duneii.com domain name and wondered if anyone would like to take it? I will be selling it, but at a nominal fee to cover the recent renewal costs. To sweeten the deal, I will include 2 year's hosting with the sale. Drop me a private message on here or use Nahoo | Write a Letter. Thanks, Nahoo P.S. I realised I posted something about this two years ago...
  5. Hello, After having a static website hosted at duneii.com for 14 years, I'd like to sell duneii.com to someone who can make better use of it. I'm happy to include one year's free hosting. I just ask for an amount that covers the domain's renewal price, just a reasonable offer. Please message me from the domain or reply here if you're interested. Thanks, Nahoo P.S. I will be keep the website in an archive and Nahoo is still running.
  6. Nahoo

    Fix the site

    The website is fixed! :) I also know what area was hacked and have blocked future hack attempts here.
  7. Nahoo

    Desktop Pics

    Nahoo's desktop: It links to my blog, so you can read other stuff there.
  8. Nahoo

    D2TM - Team!

    This is my first post here for 5 years! Was the 5th person me?
  9. Nahoo

    Dune 1?

    Get Dune I from here: http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/Games/Dune2.html
  10. Nahoo

    Dune II Disks

    I have both versions of Dune II at: http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/Games/Dune2.html Nahoo
  11. I have just added some new downloads to my site. It now has all the latest Arrakis gear, plus almost every Dune II extra in existance and also includes the first Dune download. Stefan has links to the site at arrakis.dune2k.com and there are also links on the main site, plus many listings on the search engines. Hopefully you won't miss out. :) http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/Games/Dune2.html Nahoo
  12. Nahoo


    I prefer UBB. Much easier to handle, better log-in sequence, more stats etc. Check out two of my UBB forums... http://www.hotmagma.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro http://www.wrestlingmayhem.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro Nahoo
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