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  1. WHATS UP NATHAN! long time no see man, my first member of SKUM2 lol how yah been? and wheres brennq at? get back to me bro
  2. ive been playing alot of wow lately, tried getting on wow, but the cd i had was broken, dont know any torrents to download it from but would willing to come back and play if sendakon brought is nub FEW skills around =) hey everyone else sorry its been so long dropping in just real life things... kids, work, yeah anyways hope to see yah all soon
  3. Merry xmas guys and gals, its been along road to victory =P just playing, hope yal are safe and having a good day ;D
  4. got a new computer loaded emp up, got the patch, but when i try to set the xwiss thing for ra's server it wont keep the numbers into the slots, also windows 7 really sucks for emp.... keeps lagging erasing my guys then making them reappear idk its messed up, i'd like to play but cant get the damn serial number for ra's server to stay in the little engine, any ideas?
  5. im basically going to play wow on it and maybe some other low key games. But thankw for the info i most likely will buy a new vid card in the future. thanks andrew and everyone else ;D
  6. Intel Core 2 Duo 3.33GHz Processor w/1333MHz FSB 4GB RAM 500GB Hard Drive DVD+/-RW Optical Drive 256MB High Performance Digital Video 22" LCD Digital Flat Panel Speaker Bar for Flat Panel XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro - your choice PC Tools Spyware Doctor w/Antivirus 1 Yr USB Keyboard / Optical Mouse 3 Year Warranty this is what im getting sounds decent?
  7. I'm not that intelligent about what systems will run what, thats why I was just curious to know if it was feasible to even take the time to load the games i'd be playing. the old computer i had about seven years old played emperor and world of warcraft just fine..lol so thats all i was really asking. as far as new new games, i dont know if im going to be even interested in something new.
  8. thats all i know about it guys, its a normal desktop computer brand new. intel core 2 duo. dont know the sepcifications on it or anything. Most likely its like millions of other dell computers with the same cpu in it. Just curious as if anyone knows what they actually put in them factory wise, and if it would be able to run games okay, not looking for a dominant gaming system, just something that will let me play comfortably.
  9. is this a computer i will be able to game on? 3M cache 1066 mhz fsb not sure what video card or anything else just curious if anyone has any ideas.
  10. hey blob wassup. Rostok and sendakon wtf is up guys long time no see ive been without a computer for around eight months now but in about three months i will be back to allllll games and then some. I really do miss the great games and conversations we have had over the years so im looking forward to getting it back. Hope to see you all in the near future.SKUM4LIFE oh ros ur still and aussie abo fag in my book :P
  11. i was just kidding as long as there is people to play this game it will never die... I have been away for a few months here and there but i will never quit. Nor will countless others. skum for ever!
  12. why would anyone want to play this game.... I mean its like old! and requires no skillz :O
  13. so the system security on this computer will not let me do anything... everytime i try to remove a program or even install something the security alert comes on and says its infected... any ideas on how to remove it manually so i can get a real virus scanner? this is really annoying.
  14. Basically if this was Bush presenting it, everyone would get pitchforks and march on DC. But since it is obama and he is doubling debt-gdp ratio from 41% to 82%, that is ok. Couldnt of said it better myself... Its not enough the mass public do not understand Obama is a puppet, they turn there backs to the fact hes throwing away more money then Bush.
  15. I agree with everything spaze said, just dont have the resources at my disposal or i would make the world how people would like it to be rather then how a few rich fcks do. Its all breads and circuses, give the people food and entertainment and let them live... you know its not half bad when you choose what entertainment and food you eat, but when everything is all stereotyped and catergorized it makes things so much more difficult. The last thing im going to say on this topic is that we are human beings with free thought and will. Do as you see fit that stays in the boundries of human nature, dont wrong people and hurt there souls and you will be a happy person. AND KEEP EMP ALIVE!!! HARKGOD FOR LIFE!!!!
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