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Warhammer 40k:Dawn of War *pic heavy*

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it looks pretty good.  I've always liked the Warhammer universe, although I've never gotten into it, aside from being briefly addicted to Space Hulk.  I'm not a big fan of that type of game, but I really should read one of the books or something, as I really like the idea of the structure of the universe and such.  Plus the space marines look bitchin'!

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I agree, in the game you won't rely on harvesters and such, and you won't build elaborate bases. I really like this because it stays true to the universe where whole planets (forge-worlds) are dedicated to producing weapons and vehicles.

From IGN's interview with relic I can infer there will be 4 races in total for this game (hint hint -> series  ;D :) ) the races will be:

Orcs-the green things in the screenies, they use haggared looking vehicles and such)

Space MArines - the blue guys

Chaos Space marines (no screen of them yet sadly  :-[  :'( )

and number four is a mystery now

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i thought gamesworkshop is dead since they stop making any Warhammer(Shadow of Horned Rat & Dark Omen Series) game! ???

EDIT: WOW! what i have discovered at gamespot! Warhammer series ARE ALIVE! :)


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from the interview they said there would be bases, but each map would lots of them and they would be more like fortified areas to fall back on. I don't think you build much

That's what they said about Warcraft 3. Look at it now.

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no no no not like that, the bases are all prebuilt, you capture them and you can't make factories and stuff, here's a pic of a Space MArine base, the only structures are drop pod pads (for reinforcement I guess), some generators and some turrets.


oh here is some the interview with IGN.

Traditional RTS resource systems simply don't fit well with the background of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In this universe entire planets are geared towards the production of a single chassis type of tank for instance. Space Marines take a dozen years to train and represent some of the most elite, well-equipped fighting forces that have ever existed. The idea that they might collect minerals 100 yards from the front lines, or be 'trained' in 30 seconds at a structure just doesn't sit right with fans of the universe, and frankly is an abstract aspect of RTS's in general.

In addition, resource systems in most RTS games have become the bane of most players. Your entire military operation is dependent on your weakest unit that is centrally located in one, predictable spot. That has led to gameplay in RTS's being more about side-stepping your enemy to hit their harvesters and avoid their military altogether.

However, we recognize that base-building and resource systems both provide elements that we believe are critical to making RTS's enjoyable: pacing, conflict points, motivation for exploration, reward, and progression.

Our resource system revolves around capturing strategic locations in the world. The more strategic locations you have, the more you can justify bringing in troops to hold those locations, and therefore the more requisition they produce. Requisition is used just like any resource to bring in new units and supplies. The best part about this system is there are no harvesters. You use your military to capture points. And because the points are spread throughout a map your economy is spread out, and can't be taken out in one fatal blow.

There is quite a bit of base-building in the game, but we've changed the context of this as well. Bases in our game are not meant to represent cities or empires, but rather 'field bases'; the last refuge before the front line. They're locations for troops to rest, re-supply, and get back to the fight. Structures aren't built, and units aren't trained. Space Marines, for example, drop their structures from orbit, unfold them, and they're ready to go. A similar mechanic is used to bring in units, which arrive via drop pods, transports, or teleportation. Typical structures include things like ammo stashes, communication centers, and power generators (which produce power for the base, our second resource).

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I could never possiblaly tell you the whole story because It's very very large, I'll go over the main part and give you a link to the GW site.

well the game takes place in the 41st millenia where the human empire known as the imperium controls large amoujnts of galaxies planets and so on so, this empire is ruled by the God-emperor whose righthand man is warmaster horus. There are about 5 differant forces of the imperium; The witch-hunters - they hunt witch's the Sisters of BAttle are a sub group oif this army

Daemon hunters - they hunt daemons the grey knights are a sub group of this army

Space Marines - elite super soldiers modified biologically and chemically, this army is split up into thousands upon thousands of chapters (IE ultramarines, black templars, dark angels, blood angels, imperials fists . . .)

Imperial gaurd - basic grunts, lots of infantry with support weapons and lots of tanks

the Inquisition - note the inquistition is not an army, but you may have an inquisitor in your imperium armies.

well sometime in the 38th millenia something changed Horus (I have no idea) and he turned to the gods of chaos and took nearly half of the space marines legion s with him (Alpha legion, Emperor's children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Thousand Sons . . .)  well those under the almighty emperor and those under the traitor horus ,et in one huge battle where horus slew down sanguinius(started of the Blood angels) before dueling the emperor, well the emperor and hurus dueled and horus nearly fataly wounded the emperor before the emperor killed horus. the emperor now resides in the golden throne room in his palace (he;s like on uber-life support) in his giant palace that is a pyuramid and is the size of europe (and located there).

well that's the backgrounds I guess

here's some more of the armies;

Chaos Space MArines fall into one of five catagories

Chaos undivided - worship all chaos gods equally

Knorne - god of blood

Nurgle - god of diesease

Slaanehsi - god of pleasure and pain

Tseneetch - god of change (sorcery)

and here are the rest of the armies;

Tau - technological advanced side, fights for the 'greater good' purest of all sides, long range weapons very 'shooty'

Orks - well orks but sci-fi-ish use road warrior like vehicles and weaponry, use mass numbers

Tyranids - basically the zerg from SC

Necrons - robotic race that has been around for over one hundred thousand millenia recently awoke from their slumber

Eldar - graceful race use speedy grav tanks.

Dark Eldar - Space pirates use speedy and hit and run tactics, an army full of sadists

and please go here for more info and reqad the books it's a very very complicated and detailed world.


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no problemo I suggest the books 'firewarrior' for stuff on the tau (great book also),all of the inquisitor war books (Draco, harlequin, and chaos child trilogy with lots of info on the iquisitors) the composition of short stories books such as 'words of blood' and 'deathwing'

basically all warhammer 40,000 books are good.

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Wow, i must admit that looks pretty nasty, though i never played any warhammer things, or read anything of it. I'm pretty sure though the game is in good hands. I might give it a try if i should someday decide to buy a new system.

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