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Warhammer 40k:Dawn of War *pic heavy*

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The Orks technology maybe crude but it can be effective, they have guns (shootas, sluggas, etc), heavy weapons (zzapp guns, lobbas, etc) and veehicles (dreadnoughts, killer kans, battlewagons, etc). Also they do have the ability to make ships although they usually stick with using space hulks (bits of space debree joined together).

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actually I was wrong my bad.

the ork fluff is very complicated but here's what is known

"The Krork (otherwise known as Orks), were created alongside the Eldar by the Old Ones to fight against the C'Tan.

Ork DNA contains genetic memory so they are born with the knowledge to do things like build stuff, fix stuff, operate on other Orks (usually without much success).

Orks reproduce asexually, like fungus with spores. Orks are therefore very hard to get rid of once they land, as even if you kill all of them the spores can go on living for a while and soon they'll be popping up out of anywhere, using any available materials to build weapons, and charge into war.

Orks do not fear death, because The Nightbringer, essentially "death", never got to the Orks before he was forced into hiding on the 'Cron Tomb Worlds (whereas The Nightbringer got to us, the Eldar and many many other races).

Ork technology is structually unsound. A lot of the time it bearly works or does not work at all. It works for Orks because the Orks are too stupid to realise that is shouldn't and they believe that it should work. The Ork Codex lists an example of an Ork handgun not actually being able to fire. The mechanisms inside mean that pulling the trigger does not actually cause the gun to fire. In the hands of an Ork though, the weapon works fine because the Ork thinks is should.

See, all Orks are inherently psychic on a small level. They have a "brood mentality", that grows stronger the more Orks are around. Think of it like static electricity. Orks affect their own creations with this psychic power, so Ork things work because an Ork thinks it will, and their low level psychic powers make it work.

Orks love fighting and will fight anyone, even them selves, on a regular basis. They get bigger and darker as they age, and the biggest ones are in charge!!

Their monatary system is based upon "teef" ie. they use their teeth as currency. Some Ork "Klanz" grow teeth faster, such as the Bad Moons, so they are the richer Orks with better equipment. Some Klanz are more warlike (Goffs), some love speed (Evil Sunz), some like stealing stuff, salvaging stuff and building weird weapons (Death Skullz), some like acting like humans, using "kamoflage", "taktics" and trading with "'oomies" (Blood Axes). Some Orks are very tradishional, and shun a lot of technology for standard honourable fighting (Snake Bites).

All Orks love moving fast, so their vehicles are usually very fast. They believe red makes their vehicles go faster, and like their "teknologee", their psychic powers interact with the vehicles that are painted red, actually making them go faster.

Particulary unhinged Orks who love speed join "Kults of Speed". Others go away from normal Ork life altogether, becoming Feral Orks.

Orks have their own crude ships, but a lot of the time they steal stuff and drift around on Hulks, moving from planet to planet looking for stuff to kill.

And that's all I can think of."

and here's some more from others

"Its not so much that they believe a Shoota will work as they KNOW it will. There's a difference. Because of their low level psychic power, they cant overtly decide "Tha Green Onez Go Fasta" and have them go faster. There's even some fluff out there that many Ork shops have so many holes in them that they would be incapable of keeping atmosphere inside the ship, but because orks KNOW that ships will protect them from the dangers of space, the combined psychic power of all the orks onboard generate a field that keeps the atmosphere inside the ship.

Its the standard cartoon "If you dont look down you wont fall" - for Orks its very much like that. They cant just BELIEVE it works, or WISH it to works, its so subconscious they have to KNOW it works for it to work.

Of course that's not to say that their technology ISNT very advanced. They ARE capable of building force fields that most of the time would work anyway, as well as enormous vehicles on scale with a Battle Titan [the most technologically advanced constructs known to man]. Again chances are those would work without the belief, unless the construction was particularly shoddy even for an Ork. Remember Orks couldnt KNOW something works without seeing that time after time some DID work. At one point in time a Cult of MekBoyz probably built a bunch of Buggies with bigger engines and painted all of them red. It became known that Red Onez Go Fasta, and became so ingrained into the Ork Subconscious that you could remove the big engine and it would STILL go Fasta."

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the fifth cameo race

Originally Posted by Shadione

We told a bunch of people at E3, so I don't see the harm in mentioning it here:

The fifth race is Imperial Guard. It's a force localized to the planet in our story (not a planet already established by the fiction), but we use Cadians as a base. There are only a few units, and they are only in the single player game. That's all I'll say for now, so ask questions if you like, but don't expect answers.

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I have this old game, Warhammer 40k : Chaos Gate in my old games box...I used to play it quite alot. it's acool turn based RPG game. Quite difficult though, but I kinda liked the graphics, the way Space marines look. I believe this new game should be quite impressive.

I didn't know though, that there were books about Warhammer. I used to believe Warhammer was somekind of a rpgboard game, where you play against army or smth like that. I have a magazine showing two big armies standing on the table (very cool figures) and it states Warhammer...

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I was playing mainly the tutorial, I am really liking the eldar instead of the marines

I found tyhe game outstanding aswell and though the whole strategic point system really enhanced the game and will definitly add to the RTS genre it also enhaces the saying "a good offence is a good defence".

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So what are your favourite races?  I am preferring the Eldar at the moment, although I feel that the avatar is a bit too  strong.  What is online like?  I haven't tried that yet.

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the avatar is really strong, but hte orks have the squiggoth which is as strong and chaos has the bloodthirster.

I like all races, but am finding myself enjoying chaos alot (spawning several daemons around my enemy is just too cool)

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