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Warhammer 40k:Dawn of War *pic heavy*

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Some pretty good upgrades for the demo at http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=36670

Play as the Orks or Imperial Guard in the demo, and built terminators, landraiders, and the Squiggoth. If you don't have it yet, you can skip most of the waiting lists by downloading it at http://media.hugi.is/hahradi/demos/dow_demo_install.exe

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And here's to Relic giving serious consideration to DoW expansion packs.

Today's contribution: a shot of assorted Cobra infantry in the old-school livery watching orbital bombardment put an end to a Chaos Lord and his entourage (Nurgle's Death Guard).  At left is my first attempt at a banner; the kanji read 'strength' (top-left) and 'victory' (bottom-right).[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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No problem; here you go...  Actually, here are several: two versions of the basic Cobra logo, the grey/silver one that goes with the 'Siegie' color scheme, the flaming logo that featured on a T-shirt at Hot Topic, the 'bio-war' version, and the Cobra/Decepticon melded logo made by Devil's Due to advertise the new G.I. Joe/Transformers xover.

Bonus: Sardaukar banner; the kanji here are 'strength' and 'honor'.  This is not transparent; my Sard color scheme uses a dark brown (RGB notation: 82/73/63) for everything except the eyes (100/39/29) and weapon (70/70/70).[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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And speaking of finished versions...

Not only have I finished the proper Cobra banners, but I'm packaging them, along with the appropriate badges and color schemes, for the enjoyment of the DoW community.  Enjoy![attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Behold, badges and color guides for GDI and Brotherhood of Nod forces.  All the colors are from the GW-approved palette, but since their names escape me at present, I've noted instead their R / G / B values (yes you can input the numbers in the army painter).


*Primary: 158 / 134 / 65

*Secondary: 108 / 93 / 61

*Trim: 158 / 134 / 65

*Weapon: 70 / 70 / 70

*Eyes: 100 / 39 / 29

Brotherhood of Nod:

*Primary: 70 / 70 / 70

*Secondary: 70 / 70 / 70

*Trim: 148 / 41 / 44

*Weapon: 70 / 70 / 70

*Eyes: 100 / 39 / 29[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Hey guys! Has anyone played the campaign mode of DoW? (C'mon, I'm definitely sure the game is not just for LAN enjoyment!)

If so, is it Space Marines only or are there campaigns for the other races (Eldar, Ork, Chaos)?

And somebody PLEASE, spoil the mission/s after the mission where you reinforce an outpost on another side of a long chasm, destroy a chapel gate to stop the opening of "the key" and you fight some traitor Imperial Guards.

[hide]And a conversation about a thingee called the "Maledictum"...[/hide]

Also, does anyone know sites w/c has a complete listing of all the units and structures in DoW?

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