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    • Hey guys, Back in the 90s I used to muck around with Doom 2 and Civilization 2 modding but never finished any of my projects, but in recent years I've been getting back into it (call it can early midlife crisis lol) and released a GZDoom enhanced version of my old Star Trek Doom level and also a new Quest for Glory IV - 3D Hexen mod too. Much to my surprise both got a lot of media attention with the QFG4-3D one in particular getting coverage on Rock Paper Shotgun and in PC Gamer Magazine which was awesome. The great response inspired me to also get back into my old Civilization 2 editing as well (also 20 years too late lol). Why am I posting about this here in a place full of my fellow Dune and C&C fans? Well after months working on a huge Heroes of Might & Magic 2 Civ2 scenario I decided to turn my attention over to one of my other favourite franchises for some more fun Civ2 scenarios, the Command & Conquer and Red Alert universe! I started coming up with some pretty crazy ideas for huge Red Alert 2 Siege of New York scenario where you’ll be battling it out in city streets between huge sky scrapers however despite learning a lot from working on the HoMM2 scenario I wasn’t quite game enough to start that just yet. I’d also been thinking about a dark and moody scenario set in the C&C Tiberium universe and noticed that a fellow named Wonx2150 had already made a scenario in that universe but just hadn’t really done any proper graphics for it so I decided to take the easier route and remaster his Command & Conquer Africa scenario first to build up more experience before taking on the big Red Alert 2 scenario. I created a ModDB page for the project with dev diaries covering stages of development. Figured I’d post them here too so here’s the first two! Stay tuned for dev diaries for the Red Alert 2 scenario here in the future too! In this first dev diary I look at changing Civ2’s terrain and cities to look like C&C2 as well as importing some cool new units. C&C Dev Diary 01 – New terrain & units for the Civilization 2 – Command & Conquer Scenario: https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-command-conquer-scenario/news/new-terrain-units   In the second dev diary I ask for some fan input and finish off importing all the new C&C unit graphics. C&C Dev Diary 02 – Finishing all terrain & units for the Civilization 2 – Command & Conquer Scenario: https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-command-conquer-scenario/news/finishing-all-terrain-units
    • Yeah, it's purely about terrain affecting unit speed. The speed in low HP can he a hardcoded thing. Units in red HP moving their full speed might be a bug.
    • Awesome, Klof. Thanks for looking into this. I take it this has to do with the way terrain interacts with unit speed, not necessarily the units' speed itself, judging from the research done. If that's the case, I guess the behavior that lowers units' speed below half HP, but not in the red, may be elsewhere then...
    • So I finally did a research on SPEED.BIN file, because I wanted to make an editor for it. This file is really small and structure is pretty simple, so finding out what it does was a piece of cake. Here is the structure: - 32 floating-point numbers (4 bytes each) - 4 strings for speed names (32 bytes each): "Infantry", "Tracked", "Wheeled", "Flying" - 128 zero bytes (probably unused) All investigation was just about those 32 floating-point numbers. And, here is the tabular visualization of them: The rows are "Speed Modifier value" and columns are speed types. And numbers in cells are speed multipliers, for example, if the number is 0.5 it means that unit can move half its original speed. Now I will explain what does the "Speed Modifier value" mean. Remember tile attribute editor and those last three attributes that affect the unit speed? These three attributes are in fact Speed Modifier bits. Three bits can make a value from 0 to 7: Rock = bit 1 (value of 1) Dunes = bit 2 (value of 2) Rough Rock = bit 3 (value of 4) The speed modifier value is sum of those bits. If all three attributes are set, the value is (1 + 2 + 4) = 7, if no attributes are set, the value is 0, and for example if "Rock" and "Rough Rock" are set, the value is (1 + 4) = 5. Then for the speed modifier value, respective row from table is selected. So for example if "Rock" and "Rough Rock" attributes are set, then infantry will move 0.7 of their original speed, and both tracked and wheeled will move 0.5 of their original speed. And for example if you select all three attributes, surprisingly all the units will move their full speed.
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