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    • Corrupt building icons art. 
    • Looks promising. When that campaign it's finished I want to play it at full experience. By the way, on the sample map that trigger the error; did you try to make the AI to not have any kind of priority on buildings? so he will attack the closest enemy; maybe this way, if the player it's blocking the bridge that AI try to first go against the units in the bridge instead trying to focus on the player's windtrap (or whatever other building) and avoiding the game to crash for trying to reach a building too blocked to reach. Later you can play it on easy and cheat (more money, more income or whatever) just to bumb dozen of units to occupy plenty of room and seeing if the game crash or not (or even removing the AI and doing the same, just to test who it's the one that cause the error, the AI or the player).
    • I worked up another map, this time 128x128 using my mod. It's the third bonus level in the smugglers campaign, and I released S18 along with it.

      I dropped the links there, but if you want to see some images, here:
      Full map image: https://i.imgur.com/RuNssbq.jpg
      Starting position: https://prnt.sc/m7sii3
      Attack the enemy: https://prnt.sc/m7t5wu

      That's all, have fun if you have a play. If not, the .bmp file is in the zip at least. And, a technical analysis is in the above post for a more meta commentary on the map design.
    • I'm going to do something a little weird here. S18 and SBON3 are done, so I'm releasing them even though S16 and S17 aren't done.

      This is a WIP thread. If you care to avoid spoilers or whatever, just wait around until I get the other stuff done. I took a detour to build the Heighliner tileset and I'm still busy of late, so I dunno when that'll be, so... if you don't care to avoid spoilers, here ya go.

      Details: Download: SBON3 & S18V1.zip

      Both maps were tested extensively and beaten on hard mode. Certain screenshots may have an expanded view, but I tested them in the default resolution at 640x400 without a build queue patch or anything of the sort. Expect them to be difficult - they are end-campaign maps.

      As with previous uploads, installation and uninstallation should be a simple copy + paste. So go ahead, give it a try! If you're having trouble, a strategy section for each map can be found under the spoilers along with a technical analysis. Good luck and have fun, and please do provide feedback here if you get the opportunity. Criticism is always helpful! Thank you.
    • I got a new mod from the "moddb.com" website, by the name "changed Dune". The author its MustaphaTR, which has an account on this forum. I tried to contact him a couple of months ago but not response; anyway; I will post this for collection purpose. Changed dune it's a mod that change a lot the Tech of the game. This mod it's suppose to be applied into the game and then playing the original game with those changes, but he added a few small aditions to some maps to be able to win since, for example, you cannot train engineers on the mission about capturing the smuggler outpost, so some of those units are given on reinforcements. However, he create three custom maps that, although copied from the original maps, they are totally new (enemies moved, other enemies or a total new map), so I am going to upload those three here to showcase the tech. On the spoiler it's the info about all the editing in case you are interested. The custom maps don't showcase 100% of the changes done. The Atreides map don't have tech enough to produce sonic tanks, but at least you will see a difference of not having quads or troopers to help you against enemy tanks. First post updated with this mod and three custom maps, 1 per faction. Remember that applying all the files will modify your game, do back ups before overwritting!
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