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    • Like I said, I normally play in 800x600 for fun or 640x400 for testing. I have really cruddy eyesight too. I set it to max because when the game's resolution matches the desktop's resolution, it'll appear to be fullscreen even if it's windowed, and that can help fix some problems with, say, Display Capture in OBS for instance. The reason we use 640x400 for testing purposes is because certain things, like in-game text transmissions, might clip off the side of the screen or onto the sidebar if they're too long. So if we play at the default resolution and there's no problem with the text, that's one more glitch we don't gotta fix! Among some other things, like difficulty scaling for instance. That's tested with a lower resolution because our macro and micro are limited. Anyway, link us a clip when you test the stream out with that idea. I'm really curious to see how that works out!! P.S. - FYI, Fraps works for recording D2k. At least, it does for me. I don't think you could stream with Fraps, but if you were to do YouTube videos or something, it might be handy to know. I use Fraps for some other stuff too, it seems to work nicely for old stuff, but really you've gotta have a lot of hard drive space and compress your footage whenever you record. Fraps' file sizes are ridiculous! But if you run the files through Virtualdub with the Xvid codec, that shaves off like 95% of the file size without any losses in quality, and there ya go. Sorry, I don't mean ramble. If you wanna know more about my process for video editing, compression and stuff, feel free to ask. Otherwise, I'm gonna try to stay on topic.
    • My final post for now, since I almost ended the campaign. Map 15 Aaaand, final mission Amazing campaign, good job. Let's hope in the future you create a new campaign with custom terraign made by you! Keep working on.
    • Hehe nice with timing x) Strange indeed.. :/ Big thanks for suggestions  I'll take a look into these later today & if doesn't work then i'll settle in to use 1980x1080 & eat more blueberries to improve eyesight Viewers also see everything in tiny view, but some who get lost to my Arrakis channel don't mind about it. *Bows and thanks & dazed after saw your Res* o/ Kindly: Fedaygin
    • Nice timing, I just got on. XD I see, that's awfully strange. Hmm, have you tried running the game in windowed mode and using display capture to set it? I believe the way the fullscreen works is it'll put the game window in the top left and set the display to match that resolution. OBS will pick up the rest of the screen while all you're seeing is the resolution you set. Maybe if you tweak your monitor's resolution in the control panel AND the in-game resolution, and run in windowed / borderless / modal style, that should simulate fullscreen without actually being fullscreen. I'll give you an example: In the above screenshot, I had the game set to windowed mode, but it appeared to be fullscreen because it took up the entire resolution of my display - I have an ultrawide for video editing. Say you were to go to the display settings in control panel (https://i.imgur.com/8dVkHaK.png) and bump your monitor's resolution down to where you want the game to run. Would that appear to be fullscreen in the stream output, you suppose? Might be worth testing.
    • Howdies. Ah this control move is good  I've tried those things to fix the Stream feed that's messed up only to people watching, but not for me. Or well same thing also with cutscenes as they're shown in small window at top left for viewers, but for me it's stretched video. Bigger cutscene cause chose that setting from launcher, but it's small for viewers :/ Also strange & ear drum breaking is the glitch that puts the volume to max when cutscene start playing.. I tried to check if fixing that would be found from config file in installation folder, but on that cfg file there wasn't option to stop it. I've tried the scaling option when using 'Display Capture' at OBS, but didn't work either. Missions Always half screen size for viewers & cutscenes are very small at top left :/ This way mission is shown to viewers https://www.twitch.tv/videos/428215867?filter=all&sort=time :/ On my screen it's fullscreen view & even after tried cropping at OBS it's shown like that to viewers. Guess i'll stick with that & go forward with the campaign & then take a look at Fans made content. Following advices told by you & Cm_Blast Kindly: Fedaygin
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