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A Supervirus


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We'll see who's spamming.

First off - mind Your tongue.

I am Not talking I am typing

Secondly - me being the only person referring to this matter, doesn't mean that I'm the only one in this world who thinks that SARS is a threat.

Of course not but people have a tendency to overact the such things.

And don't tell me to "STFU", I'm merely dictating my thoughts, which is the WHOLE MEANING of forums.

Good Point but when you launch a insult against me I will take it personaly

Thirdly - OH! SO ONLY BABIES AND OLD PEOPLE? Well-well. It seems that Your "kill-this-kill-that" rappers have REALLY messed up Your head.

Tell me how many times the rappers cussed in that time? Very few and i find the fact that you are insulting my mental capabilty also angers me

What if that baby was Your's? What if that "old folk" was Your grandpa?

And people are REALLY SUFFERING of SARS, man. Just because China may be long way from You, doesn't mean that it's insignificant.

Of course I would care. But the fact is SARS is hardly a supervirus mearly a bad flu

From now on, if You have a personal grudge against me, then PLEASE - use the QM mode here.

I apologize to the others if I ranted too much.

I will no longer touch this matter with a 6 foot pole. ExAtreides, please contant me via QM or e-mail if You want to go personal.

DO NOT swear here infront of others.

- Matthew

Just wanted to state this for the rest of the comunity to see since it has something to do with the topic. And I apolgize for any comments i may have made...mostly

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cool it down a bit ex. trust me, I have gotten into enough heat to know. hehehe.

and firesnake, dont be an ass. you dont have to pretend to be high and mighty. keep the thread clean. dont post anything worthless like you did. good grief.

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ex ,firesnake calm down and firesnake not to be rude but dont mess with renegade ex-landsraad like ex and I its not good.

but other than that have a nice day ;)

oh and most aids cases are the faults of supidity (africa they sometimes punish prisoners by errr giving them aids though the bums :-X ) and unawareness, if people co-operated aids would have been gone over a decade ago but we were too stupid to have our bodies defended by the trojans >:(

and its fun to make up a supervirus and sars is merely a bad case of the flu but I am worried about sars so I wash my hands and stay away from people with coughs (even if they are hot)

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Ummmm, doesn't SARS already count as a supervirus?

Anyway, nothing beats the Tleilaxu Contaminator virus! Join ussssss...! ;D

Never!! >:( Ixian I am. Ixian I shall remain.

Btw, nice viruses guys. Keep the nice ideas rolling. ^-^

You call these viruses NICE?

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Reminds me of that spermkiller game that Homer played at the sex museum Scy ;)

I don't anything of this topic to be immoral. It's a release of creativity with the issue of science, which many scientists go through their lives with.

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actually if the Reston strand of EBOLA became lethal to humans, it would probably be the worst virus on the earth.

It would be as contageous as the flu, and would kill you in about 3 days with no vaccine available.

here's kind of what it would be like:

-start out with cold-like symptoms.

-soon you would become irritable

-you would start to loose your mind

-you would feel aches

-soon you would begin to vomit uncontrollably

-then you would start to cough up blood

-because of incredible internal bleeding, soon you would have no blood clotting abilities, becoming a hemophiliac.

-you would loose your mind completely, not aware of what is happening, but still conscious.

-soon your body would become a huge host of virus particles throughout your body, and become practically liquid, from the viruses killing your cells so rapidly.

-soon after you would die

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Has anyone seen 'Outbreak'? That virus would be horrible, Airborne, 100% fatal, it kills you by destroying your internal organs over a matter of days.

that movie was based on EBOLA zaire, the most lethal form of EBOLA, In the begining they show them in Zaire Africa, where the form of Ebola Zaire comes from, but it's not that lethal, it's not airborne, and not 100% fatal, only about 96% or something.

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my wife says I have SAARS... Severe Anger and Rage Syndrome. :P

I think something like the T-virus is if not in existence already it is in the making... but then again I also think the sky is falling. ~~ C. Little ;)

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Ebola's nasty enough already. Where's Devil's Advocate? He knows all about these things...

Although if I had to choose a really nasty thing to make up it would be a form of leprosy that is contagious through airborne thingummies. It won't kill you, but you'll feel no pain and therefore every time you are cut or scratched or bruised it could get infected and you'd never know until a limb drops off. Sooner or later gangrene would set in and rot you from the dead to the healthy and into your body until it eats you alive and you die over a period of several months surrounded by the stench of rotting flesh and unable to do anything about it since your fingers are puddles and your legs are eaten. Then soft bits like eyes, nose, lips, organs until eventually you either starve or die from loss of blood or some other thing brought about by being like that. Use your imagination.

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But the starnd in outbreak was 100% fatal, they said in the film.

ya, but, the movies always exagerate to make it more suspensfull...i mean 96% is pretty much meaning you are screwed unless you are in a hostpital from moment of infection, and even then you have a very small chance of living... plus there is no vaccine, which they find in the movie.

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Ebola's nasty enough already. Where's Devil's Advocate? He knows all about these things...

Hehehe, I'm always here although not as often as I used to, school and work gets in the way. But, now I am here, and all shall suffer my wrath ;)

If I had to create my perfect virus to kill the world...*cough* I mean a fictional virus that we only talk about of course *cough*... I would develop a strain of Ebola that spreads like the flu, through microscopic droplets of saliva and other bodily fluids (it has been proven that the Reston strain of Ebola was airborne, but didn't infect humans). It would be an 88% fatal, airborne virus, that makes you pick your bloody brains out of your own nose and throw up the lining of your intestines through your mouth (hehe, yes, I did read Hot Zone ;D). I estimate, if the disease is succesfully spread in the major cities of the world (aka 12 Monkeys), almost the entire human population will be dead within a time span of less than a year. And none will be protected from it, for the virus mutates too quickly to develop a vaccine, or any sort of cure (it being an RNA virus).

Well, sweet dreams ;)

(Sry, I just haven't been here in a while, had to let out some steam)

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(hehe, yes, I did read Hot Zone ;D)

have you read the cobra event yet? o man that is such a good book and scary because it's about biological weapons, in fact it's about a biological weapon that I had trouble imagining. Read it and you will understand ;)

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