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    Some reports are saying it could be a Norwegian group with ties to Al-Qaeda.
  2. That would be about the last time I used my UTorrent client so excuse my post for being late. I was more interested in the TV show in the app section named "Pioneer One". I just watched the first episode and liked it so far (modest budget and good acting). I am going to download the 2nd and 3rd episodes. I will most likely check out "Zenith" also. @athanasios There are legal torrents to download as the aforementioned apps section.
  3. AnonOps tells Sony it was not them that hacked their network A Word from Anonymous. The "We r L3g1on" is all over the place but this time they say it was not them. You have to love the power of the Internet. ;) I wonder if this will get negative marks on my reputation also.
  4. WARNING: Fake Osama Bin Laden photo links are spreading through FaceBook, Twitter and emails. These links have been determined to have malicious software contained in some of them. Fake Osama Bin Laden photos DO YOURSELF A FAVOR DELETE IT.
  5. I recently upgraded to U Torrent 2.2.1. I liked the old look better but usually the first thing that gets changed in an upgrade is the look but that is a small thing. The new version still has the same great features mainly size and user friendly features. There is an easier way to download skins and this is the main reason I made this post. I might be the last person to know but U Torrent nows has a section you can download apps that work with U Torrent. I know what you might be thinking great more apps but I like the idea behind a few of the apps so I am trying them out you can have a look at the apps here. I am interested in the episodes of Pioneer One, Zulu Music and Khan Academy. A quick suggestion one of you DUNE mod makers should make an app for this as I have seen some of your work.
  6. Here are the particulars on this external hard drive. 1. The hard drive is from another machine (laptop) the operating system was Windows XP Pro the laptop was password protected but the former owner knew the password. So there are no problems with access concerning a password. 2. The operating system that the external hard drive is being used on is Windows Vista currently Home Edition. The ownership has been taken over by the "Administrator groups" and includes all sub files in the hard drive. In other words ownership is total and complete for the entire hard drive. 3. Access to the hard drive is not an issue-the issue is accessing the media files particularly video files. I have tried opening the video files in both Real Player and Windows Media. Neither of the mentioned programs can open the video and the error is access denied. The video files are in regular video formats nothing usual the media program just can not access them. It has me scratching my head because I have never encountered access being denied after taking ownership in this manner. I have done this several times to salvage a hard drive from a laptop or desktop. First time for everything. Any ideas?
  7. I heard that Donald Trump wants to see the death certificate because he does not believe Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.
  8. Two years after the crash of Air France Flight 447 new information is being found that will hopefully explained what actually happened to cause the unfortunate ending on the routine flight. This first link is the finding of the "second" black box Air France Flight 447 Second Black Box Recovered This second link is the discovery of some of the passengers bodies in the wreckage area Air France Flight 447 passenger's body removed from wreckage.
  9. Investigators have found one of the black-boxes from Air France Flight 447. Read story here Air France Flight 447 black box found.
  10. Donald Frump should go back to his TV show and stay there. The American public has shown once again that they do not care about real issues. The birther issue was so phony to begin with and so is Donald Frump's so-called desire to run for President of the United States.
  11. @Andrew I have not encountered any problems with the Unity interface. I have seen the discussions on the Unbuntu forums but actually I do not take either side which is due in part to limited exposure with earlier versions. I had actually burned 4 copies of the iso for Ubuntu before I could finally install the OS and enjoy it. I originally planned to use it on the aforementioned i686 but ran into technical problems. Also worth mentioning I tried LuBuntu and CrunchBang on the i686 and both had problems with the screen resolution (stuck in 800x600 and with a weird split screen appearance). I know there is a cure for that but I wanted the OS to work with out having that minor headache so instead I loaded Puppy Linux on the i686 using the liveCD and eventually Uberstudent with both giving me better results for that particular machine. The biggest problem was that the i686 needed to work with the wireless and Puppy Linux handled that and the screen resolution on the first try, same with Uberstudent. The LuBuntu and CrunchBang did the same thing on another machine but the i686 was just not that compatible for CrunchBang or Lubuntu (it is mainly due to my impatience so for the expert Linux users blah). The i686 was the main reason for the Linux search because originally DSL (Suse was a choice but needed higher minimal requirements-you get the humorous message of Dude you have a nice computer but to run/install Suse we need more) was my choice but because of the wireless card configuration problems I started searching for other Linux OS versions. Now as I mentioned before it is back online and runs like new. The Ubuntu was installed on a more current machine because of Windows Vista's pissy attitude. As far as the usb boot of any Linux version I have been mainly using the iso on a usb drive and then running whatever OS on Parallels (for MAC) and VirtualBox (for Windows). The virtual computer software is a life saver.
  12. Andrew you are the "unofficial" Ubuntu PR man as far as I am concerned. I have a copy of LuBuntu and have been trying out UberStudent (running on a i686 laptop). I was not aware that this Thursday was the date for the final version but what I have now is perfect.
  13. I am now using 11.04 as someone mentioned before I did not like early versions because of the wireless difficulty but this version works perfect out of the box. I downloaded an iso burned it to DVD. In my case none of the headaches that I had with Win Vista like the incompatibility with almost everything at first. Only two things needed attention and they were the Ethernets connection and the graphics card but Ubuntu found that at each site accordingly.
  14. Fidel Castro has stepped down from his leadership role in the Cuban Communist Leadership party. What does the future hold for Cubans with Fidel Castro's call to "make changes to the system". Castro Leaves Communist Leadership Party
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