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Top 1000 ways to tell your too into Dune


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831. You call your pet mouse a Maud'dib.

832. Ignore the fact your floor is replaced with sand.

833. You had a dream you lived on a water planet called Earth, but then you woke up and were back in your seitch.

834. You spend your day playing with worms in a sand box.

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1.You dress up in a sard costume on haloween

2.you take a leech and put it onto a remote-control car and call it a tleixalu leech

3.you take a grenade,tie a string to it and call it a Ix Infaltrator.

4.every time you go to the desert you filter the sand checking for spice.

5.every telephone pole you see looks like a worm to your eyes.

6.Every time you watch mike,Lu and Og,you shoot the old grandpa with the cane thinking he is a face dancer.

7.every plane you see is a Eye-in-the-sky,Gunship,or Ornithopter.

8.You strap some time bombs to yourself and call yourself

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Half of them make no sense, or are variations of others or are the same as others...

857: You think anyone who thinks Dune is boring is stupid

858: You host a Dune site (Cough Gob Cough)

859: You've been a member of a Dune site for more than 2 years

860: You become confused when you get grounded for spitting at your Aunt's dead body

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872. When you see old factory, you think "Giedi Prime!"

873. You compare war in Afghanistan to Paul`s Jihad.

874. When you hear army sell tank, you are going to buy it.

875. When you see lightning during storm, you are sure people will kill each other soon.

876. You see bird on the sky and scream "Hawk Strike incoming!"

878. When you can`t find Dune book in your country and go to another if you know there is.

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