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Top 1000 ways to tell your too into Dune


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884 You ONLY eat rice, pundi rice to be precise!

885 You have absolutly no problem at all to kill your father to get his job.

886 Caves rule! The above world is to wide. And why is it necessary that buildings must begin at the ground? Why can't they start at the roof?

887 If you're boat is on fire you panic if there arn't any cliffs nearby

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894. You think every bald woman is Bene Gesserit.

895. You go see korrida and think tht is strange that bulls havent multiciply eyes.

896. You think that on the p. e. lesson they should give students fighting manekin.

897. You compare loudspeaker to Fedaykin weapon.

898. You are hope that if you will eat a lot of cinamon, you will could spacetravelling in future.

899. During eating, you look to the mirror and check you don`t change appereance.

900. You have exams to secondary school but you don`t learn becouse you play Emperor all the time.

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903. You finally realise after reading these recent posts, as to why Nema gets so annoyed with spelling and Grammer.

904. You believe Edric O is really a human computer trying to take over Dune Editing, he can now post news after all.

905. You voted to shut Navaros up in the Emperor Forum.

906. You realise you are one of three people o top of the members list that doesn't have a special position. *sob*

(In regard to number 906 it also takes length of posting here for that.   Its not all post count,)

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907.  Thinking of the Bene Gesserit you laugh at Priest Sex Scandals.

908.  War on terrorists, you thought it was war on Fremen.

909.  You believe the Guild is a branch of the CIA.

910.  You notice there are a lot of Dune fans in Holland.

911.  When someone at school calls Dune stupid you make him drink the water of life aka toilet water.

912.  You started this thread.  (Mahdi I am looking at you, you started this, the first time.)

913.  Just when you thought there weren't any sandtrout you found one.

914.  You stalk KJA.

915.  You put so many flowers on Frank Herbert's grave they carpet bombed the cemetary with them.

916.  You can name every house ever mentioned in any Dune book.

917.  You are posting right now to help this thread reach its goal.

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918 - You recite the Litany Against Fear whenever you are a fraid.

919 - It actually works for you.

920 - You stare at your hands and try to imagine them becoming old and then young again, since you want to be a master at controlling your self-existence.

921 - You have actually accomplished 920.

922 - You can control every single muscle in your body as an individual piece.

923 - You have mastered the Prana-Bindu stance.

924 - You don't need to take notes during college lectures, since you just tap into your memory-trance.

925 - You start trying to arrange marriages in order to breed people.

926 - You have successfully bred a Kisatz Haderach.

927 - You touch your forehead to other people to suck their knowledge out of them.

928 - You have built an Ixian probe in order to suck the knowledge out of people.

929 - Afraid that others will do 927 and 928 to you, you always take huge amounts of Shere.

930 - You try to dance in order to summon Shaitan.

931 - You actually worship the Divided God.

932 - You have started the Priesthood of the Divided God.

933 - Someone else is competing with you to become the High Priest of the Divided God.

934 - You always speak in strange philosophical riddles and consider yourself to have superior wisdom to everyone else.

935 - You consume huge amounts of spice essence in order to access your Other Memories.

936 - You can actually access your Other Memories.

937 - You have been possessed, or were tempted with possession by an ancestor from one of your Other Memories.

938 - You buy thin metal wire and call it Shigawire.

939 - You have tried to built a machine that can write and read information from long spools of Shigawire.

940 - You have a working model of such a machine.

941 - You keep thin coils of metal wire in your hair and call it your shigawire garotte.

942 - You think that all modern world religions were simply manufactured by the Bene Gesserit in order to control your mind.

943 - You even suspect that postmodernism, atheism, and the theory of evolution were made up by the Bene Gesserit in order to control your mind, by instilling a sensitivity to "logic" in you that they can control at any time.

944 - When you hear someone talk to you in a particular tone of voice, you accuse them of using the Voice.

945 - You try to make other people do whatever you want simply by talking to them in a certain Voice.

946 - You have mastered the Voice.

947 - You think that you are a Masheik, and you always force everyone else to bow down in your presence.

948 - You think of others as mere "Domel."

949 - You try to sniff everything to distinguish the pheremones and chemicals so that you know exactly what they are doing.

950 - You have accomplished 949.

951 - You think of anyone not believing in the Great Belief as nothing more than "Powindah."

952 - You are so paranoid of "powindah" that you have yourself cleansed everytime you return to your home.

953 - You try to adjust the enzymes in your body to the point that you are able to control poisons and toxins.

954 - You have accomplished 953.

955 - You think that love is no longer necessary for human survival.

956 - You have built a MMORPG for Dune.

957 - Your Dune MMORPG is so realistic that some people just cannot live without playing it.

958 - People refer to your Dune MMORPG as "DuneCrack" on account of how powerful it is, and people write long essays about how your MMORPG is signalling the downfall of society.

959 - You think that modern warfare is mostly hand-to-hand combat, so you go into the army expecting your sword training to be useful.

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963. You are sure that Ra from "Stargate" movie is using a voice.

964. You buy all The Police and Sting records cos there are "Feyd`s" songs.

965. You wonder how much spice have Spice Girls.

966. You says your mother that she shouldn`t drink  mineral water when she is pregnant cos your little sister will be pre-born.

967. The dentist chair looks like torture chair so you have another reason to don`t go to dentist.

968. You listen Dune band music.

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971. You never sit back to any door.

972. You say that you don`t want have this granpa picture in living room.

973. You ask person sitting next to you to try your food before you - poison is the sign of our times.

974. During "Dracula" you says - ugly Tleilaxu made one more ghola.

975. You call Kyle McLachlan Paul Atreides even if you see him in another movie.

976. When you are on none-dune board, you start dune disscusion and soon board changes in dune one.

977. You says everybody they should read Dune and if they don`t listen, you are able to insist for one year that they are tired and start reading.

978. You have little krysknife made from your pet tooth.

979. You want on p.e. lesson knife fights.

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980. You believe that those short grey-skined aliens that are supposed to do experiments on people are Tlailaxu.

981. They also capture cows and take their cells.

982. And this Elvis that so many people saw on the streets is his ghola.

983. You write next Dune book.

984. You are sure - Britney Spears is made in flesh vat like all contaminators!

985. You compare countries to houses.

986. You are against cloning - Tleilaxu domination is worse than death.

987. You search "worm" constalation on the sky.

988. You compare transport ship to highliner.

989. You are using voice against your teachers.

990. You believe it will work.

991. If it isn`t work, you think that you must only more practise.

992. You see vulture and you say - Harkonnen are near.

993. You are against fishing cos fishermans use worms to catch fish.

994. You scream "Ya hya houhada!" before important exam.

995. And "Take no prisoners!" before football play.

996. You are everyday on this board.

997. You go to Egypt only to see desert and dunes.

998. You go to cage and pretend that you are Fremen.

999. You want play some character in next Dune movie.

1000. You post 1000 one.

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