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  1. Slyth comes out of the darkness............"I am no Jedi" he states. He locks eyes with the two combatants.......and without warning both burst into flame. They scream and thrash in agony and bewilderment as they are reduced to mere bone and ash. "And now you are no longer living beings".....with that he draws upon the Force opens a portal to a far away world......how simple that was the thinks as he steps though the portal...worthless Jedi....he should have been able to anticipate my attack....all I did was super accelerate the molocules of his cloak to 400 degrees C....any Jedi that can't
  2. Suddenly the Dark Jedi Slyth rises over the field of battle wacthing the pathetic mortals fight below. Using the Force he rips a hole in the fabric of the space right below the burseg. In an instant burseg finds himself in the cold of space doomed to die of aspyxiation of rentry through the atmosphere of Arakkis. For the first time in his life it is he who feels terror as he floats helplessly in the dark reaches of space, destined to die without honor or courage. Below the Dark one laugh at the mans plight. It served him right for beliving he was a power in the universe. Quickly Slyth tur
  3. I still think Brazil can win...
  4. You can also steal other units....lets say you are the harkonnen and you are fighting the ordos....if you want a laser tank rush just find an ordos laser tank and click on it with the projector targeting thingy.....you can have ANY unit on the field of battle..bang you have a laser tanks to use against those annoyong spped deamon ordos...they also look like the enemy unit to....probably useful in multiplayer fights against other humans.
  5. MechCommander looks fun..........is it? ???
  6. Brazil will win.....they always win.
  7. Then the Powerpuff girls come and destroy them all. ::)
  8. We sell hot cross buns and fluffy rabbits! WE ARE ATREIDES!
  9. Now read guns of the emperor and add something!
  10. You all amuse me greatly!
  11. The filthy Tilaxeau come and raid the bodies of the fallen. They then serve them kippered with pickels and pork chops at the Facedancer Ball(where you never know just who your getting into bed with!
  12. So sad you don't know the power of genetic engineering :'( I can honestly say that with advancements in DNA warping technology persons such as myself could make a dunelike enviornment in the Sahara Desert...one will never be able to fold space however because to rip a hole in space would require more energy than in exsistance IN the space time continum itself. One can neither create nor destroy energy and if its not available then thats it. I could make a sandworm....but making a giant killer earth worm would be far easier. Just think....there you are happy in Amsterdam and suddenly theres a
  13. I love to Drop death hands on large gorups such as this...to the blast don't get ya the radiation will! ;D
  14. How do I put cool pictures on my posts? ??? I feel so inferior... :'( Devastators win everything....unless faced with about half their number of deviators
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