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  1. I think those "tiks" are Tleilaxu living turrets.
  2. Tleilaxu Slug:A shapeless moving slug which kills infantry when it "walks"over it,and is completly eneffective against veheacles.
  3. Coolstrategies Chaos!I should try some of those!
  4. Awsome story!But as Nema said,please get rid of those 8@127 things
  5. I don't know if you would consider this weird,but whenever the wormride ends the fedakin dies.... ???
  6. Okay,i think this works with any house:if the enemys base is walled off,build about 10 fremen snipers and 10 fedaykin and send them near an enemys base,then move them one by one BEHIND the wall,and keep doing this until you have a large force and then attack!And just to ensure victory,send over a few dust scouts/sand bikes/buzzsaws. ;)
  7. Okay,I take bak everything I said about Tibed,it rocks!(exept that you have to pay :( )Jacob was right about the 'over-moding',I reseted everything and then made hundreds of saudaker(hint,hint) and in the game and won like...hmmm.....well,I won easily. ;D
  8. Huh,guess ou are right Frodo I,but yu could make a dust scout and laser tank rush....
  9. Sweet....If its gonna be whut i think its gonna be,then I'm expecting this to be real good... :)
  10. Warning:if anybody doesn't think that tibed could run on their computer properly,don't use it!It got me into a really sh!itty situation:i canged the cost,speed ect. of the units,and whenever I played,I could only use the units i started with and scouts.Whenever I tried to build something higher than a scout,the game broke down and whent back to the desktop
  11. I'm just gonna say the opposite:That strategy rocks!Although I never play harkonnen,thats still a pretty good strategy...
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