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Top 1000 ways to tell your too into Dune


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684. You use the position of the moons to determine whether its safe to go out without being spotted.

685. You are part of a highly secret Fed2k conspiracy with multi-million dollar funding from several governments to produce a real version of the spice and sandworms.

686. You do karate and call it the Weirding Way.

687. You do not drink anything but water.

688. You want to know if Area 51 is where they keep the No Ship.

689. You know how many Duncan Idaho's were created during the whole Dune Universe's Time.  (Note this includes all bought by the Tyrant, the one given to Mua'dib, and the ones bought by the Sisterhood, and the ones never mentioned that were created by the Tleilaxu.)

690. You have traced the lineage of all Ixian nobles to Bill Gates.

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Guest The Elite

You spend half your Saturday sitting at your computer reading these and then you realise that all this time you could have been PLAYING DUNE!!!!!!!   [glow=red,2,300]TEXT[/glow]AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

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695. You know Mars is really made of spice.

696. Umm...no Mr. Principal I didn't steal any cainnamon from the cafeteria.

697.  He doesn't believe you and you blurt "The worm god made me do it."

698. You wrote the book on Shai Hulud.

699. Your one of those people who stalk Brain herbert for an autograph.

700. People think your random walk looks weird, you think that they'll pay when the worm swallows them.

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Is it me or are we getting repetitive? Anyways...

701. You sneer at the people who keep the windows open on the bus, and think "Such a waste of moisture...!"

702. You smile happily at the funerals over how much water will come out of the bodies.

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(I'm making fun of the ranking system.)

(Here's another one making fun of this forum. ;D)

703. You contemplate suicide every time you see people not using the forum system properly and putting [glow=red,2,300]TEXT[/glow] and [move]STUFF[/move] everywhere.

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704: You find yourself wondering (whilst being attacked) why your weirding module does nothing after uttering the correct syllables.

705: Your house resembles the Sydney Opera House

706: You get a compulsion to 'take the water' whenever you see Copper Sulpate or Copper Chloride solutions. (it's exactly the same colour as seen on the film)

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708a: No you dont, you greet them as a brother, and ask them which sietch they're from.

709: You attack your lips with pins to give them a Sapho stain effect.

710: You don't need to attack your lips with pins, as they already have a Sapho stain effect

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711. You finally understand prescience and made a quote for it.  "Those with prescience shape the future, while those without it are shaped by the future."

712. You have drawn up schematics for a No Ship.

713. You have written the complete set of Holtzman's Theories into book form and submitted it to NASA for testing on the shuttle.

714. When someone observed your random walk it became the latest dancing fad.

715. You can actually name every character ever mentioned in any Dune Book.

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714  You call your math teacher a undercover scout.

715 You call your computer and all dune software God.

716 You quit eating cinimin on your toast saying its worth something.

717 You uninstall Everquest to make room for all these funny posts.

717 You think your middle school is the ordos base of operations.

718 You think when it turns winter, you were transported

to the planet of the ordos and try not to step on the snow.

719 You go home after school (To your home house, Attradies)

and break the heat radieater fearing it will attrack gient worms.

720 You change your email address to GimmeSpice@ilovedune.com

721 You kik yoru brother out of the house saying he

is a spy.

722 You break your brothers nurf guns thinking that they're


723 You think your dog's tail is going to eat you.

   Well, that was hard for me to think of, might think of somore soon ;D

I sorta fixed it but it looks like no one can count right in this thread... :) - Gobalopper

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726: you dig up slugs and eat them, declaring them to be delicious Tleilaxu Slig meat

727: you spend all day in a tank full of cinnamon trying to fold space

728: you write background stories for all those minor characters who only got a sentence each in the books

729: you wear a diamond-shaped piece of cardboard on your forehead and try to treat people who have the flu

730: you would live in the sahara, but you don't know any Sietchs there.

731: you hit people with bits of ivy and look surprised when they don't get scars all over their faces

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732: you drink any liquid you can get your hands on, reasoning that there must be so much water going to waste

733: you go to hospital after drinking a puddle of muddy water

734: you don't go to hospital because you put the muddy water in the right part of your home-made stillsuit so it got processed

735: Your stillsuit is so efficient that you don't even need the muddy water

736: you put your younger brother in charge of Canada (except you call it Lankiveil)

737: You declare yourself Padishah Emperor of the known universe

738: you get prescience and declare yourself Padishah Emperor of the unknown universe

739: you eat oddly coloured sand and get surprised when you feel sick

740: you buy out NASDAQ and call it CHOAM

741: you know your way around every street in Arakeen, but can't find the way to the bathroom

742: you don't need to find the way to the bathroom because you're wearing a stillsuit

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744: you write a new dune novel

745: you would write a new dune novel but you know it is sacriledge

746: you watch Star Wars and Star Trek and complain that they get all the science wrong - shields not exploding when hit by lasers, space being folded without spice, etc.

747: in your heart you know that all the plants and grass outside will be gone in a year or so and the sand will come back

748: you never wash - it is a waste of water

749: you crouch down every time you stop moving and wait for the camouflage to switch on

750: you delete half your computer's system files at random every two months to stop it turning into a thinking machine

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