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  1. All Ethics is simply Ethical Egotism. Altruism is the ultimate fallacy. Thus, for an action to be 'right' it has to benefit you - whether in the short or long term. You shouldn't kill people because to do so would mean that others would feel you were granting them the license to act likewise against you. --- Except that argument doesn't justify anything. --- posts were combined because they were the same person. -Gobalopper
  2. Gryphon, why are you a christian? Why not a member of any other religion?
  3. One of the greatest arguments against religion is... Religion. Even if a person decides that there must be a higher power, they still have to decide which religion they think is correct. Each proclaims itself to be true and right, whilst denouncing all others. The fact is, no one belief has any superior claim to being right than any of the others - namely, the teachings of one person hundreds or thousands of years ago who claimed to be inspired by god (or something similar). Even in the possibility of religion totally destroying atheism, there would still be similar pointless arguments about which religion was right, and exactly how people should live their lives. STOP FOOLING YOURSELF, HUMANITY!
  4. Uh... EdricO, all life is progress. Religion has evolved through progress. It is impossible to exist without some form of progress.
  5. According to the song, a fool's last words are "Shoulda, woulda, coulda"... Is this the same on Dune? 1. "We could be attacked by worms - better switch on our shields..." 2. "No, no, no: the worms are attracted by RANDOM patterns. Just walk normally and you'll be fine." 3. "You're a Freman? Well, I'm the Harkonnen ambassador, desert scum!" 4. "Na-ha! Baron Vladimir smells of poo!" 5. "Ah, swordmasters suck." 6. "He's switching on his shield! Quick, pass me a lasgun!" 7. "So this is Gom Jabbar? I think I feel a faint coming on..." 8. "Spice blow? Here? Gimme a break." 9. "Which way round do I hold this thing? Oh, well, CHA!" 10. "Of course it's safe! It's called water of life, isn't it?" Feel free to add more.
  6. 867: you start criticizing other people for being sad because you cannot differentiate between real life or Dune so you see them as synonymous
  7. Mahdi. Oh, lord, free us from the pedantic one! (<l>
  8. One with only a handful of campaigns, but lots of houses/factions such as Ecaz, Moritani, Richese, etc. Also, the houses should have more diferences between them.
  9. Science is another sort of religion, in a way. Not everything can be explained by science, but whether this is because of hoaxers, the paranormal or some aspect of science we do not yet understand, we don't know. The safe way of looking at science is as the most logical application of evidence about the universe we live in; we must be careful not to see it as anything more than that. It is merely a human shortcut for understanding, because our tiny minds cannot comprehend the sheer vastness of existence.
  10. Is it any different with religion? Centuries ago the mere idea that anything in the Bible was metaphorical or false would be rewarded with death. Now the majority of Christians accept that Revelations was a complex metaphor for the Roman persecution of the early church.
  11. 1st stage navigators do not reqire spice gas? I didn't know that. However, the maker is 2nd stage... Do they actually require the gas?
  12. In Greek mythology, a Chimera had the body of a lion, the heads of a lion and a goat and the tail of a snake. It could breath fire, and was slain by the hero Bellerophon on Pegasus. In the modern English language, a chimera means something unreal and ridiculous, or a sort of evasive idea.
  13. Oh for Gob's sake... The chance of a substance with the incredibly beneficial properties of Melange existing is so infintismally small as to be virtually non-existent. It is a nice science-fiction idea, but it is not going to happen.
  14. Mordecai

    Nuclear War

    The blame does not lie squarely on the shoulders of the Palestinians: both sides are at fault.
  15. From the moment that they start mutating, navigators require spice gas. Check the book House Atreides.
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