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Top 1000 ways to tell your too into Dune


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757 You call everyone who looks weird a space guild navigator

758 You use tools to try to climb on top of a rain worm

759 You call Bush senior Vladimir and Bush junior Feyd

760 You don't trust any docter anymore because of your experience with docter Yueh

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      771. When somebody spits in the street, you lick off the precious moisture (Don't mind me, I'm a sick mind)

      772. When it smells of cinnamon, you run away from an imminent spice blow

      773. You plant thumpers in your backyard.

      774. You catch bats, spit on them and tell them to send distrance messages.

      775. You wear shiny blue contact lenses.

      776. On oral exams, you think that the teacher is pointing a gom jabbar at you.

      777. Everybody keeps asking about the plugs in your nose, but nobody knows you distilled the water from the body of your dead hamster and drank it.

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778. You put cinnamon to coffe.

779. You scream at your mum "be quite" during Dune movie, although you know every word they said

780. You called your cat duney

781. Called your teachers mentants

782. When you called Sting Feyd

783. When you make your hair fair to be more like Harkonnen

784. When you read first Dune book just after when you finished read the last part.

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785. You go to a sandpit and build a mound, hoping that it will burst and spice will come out.

786. You don't want to drive a car, you want to drive a tank.

787. You have asked for a 'Thumper' for your Christmas or B'day present.

788. On particularly hot days, you blacken your eyes with stain to keep from going blind.

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771: you deduce the chemical formula for deviator gas; bonus points if you field-test it...

772: ...before submitting it to Fort Deitrich for evaluation as a psychoactive agent.

773: if you work at Fort Deitrich, and take the aforementioned submission seriously.

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797 Your friends call you freak, just you know certain things

798 Every time you see a rainworm you jump on a rock and start shouting "wormsign"

799 You spend at least 1 hour per day in a search for the first spice and the first maker

800 You infiltrate the nasa, capture a space shuttle and plot a course heading for dune

801 You fear rams as if they were your archenemies

802 Your making schematics for the devastator that you are gonna build

803 You burn down all forests to create a desert giving this world more chance to become a dune planet

804 You sit on top of your roof and pretend that your flying in an ornithopter

805 You buy yourself a water pistol and say to the shopkeeper that is for self defence against the shai huluds

806 You say: "blessings to your family" to everyone who gives you water

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807: you can trace the Bene Tleilax' ancestry all the way to the senior officials of the Umbrella Corporation.

808: you join the local police force and aspire for a position on the SWAT team so you can get to have fun with devia... er, tear gas.

809: you have plushies made of the various units... and have them prominently displayed about your workspace.  Or car.  Whatever.

810: your car has a bumper sticker with the text 'My other vehicle is a/an [ insert favorite unit here ]'.

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815: You hook your computer into the tv to get a better view in the game.

816: You also hook it into a surround soun system.

817: You beat all of the dune games without saving once.

818: #817 on all difficulty levels.

819: When someone asks for you, you say "Imperial Sardaukar Reporting!"

820: When someone asks you to do something, you scream "For the Duke!"

821: #820, but with "For the Baron!"

822: #820, but with "For the Executrate!"

823: You are obbsessed with seing this list completed. ;)

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824: You see a worm come out of the ground and scream "Worm Attack!"

825: #820, but with "For Shai-Hulud!"

826: You post two times in a row, but come up with more immediately after clicking post.

827: You curse about #826.

828: (#827) Every time.

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830. You go and get blue contact lenses, pretending you are a Fremen.

831. You shuffle your feet in irregular and erratic movements when you go to a club, saying that it is the way you dance.

832. You're positive that you can breed a maker.

833. You were taken from your sietch in Arrakis and brought here by smugglers, you have no doubt about that.

834. Whenever you go for immunisation sessions, you think "Gom Jabbar"

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