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Thanks Gob


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I'd like to thank Gob as well, for making this site, keeping the Emperor community alive, and helping me out with my maps and problems I've had with this site in the past. When I first came here, I couldn't believe how into Dune it was, and I was ecstatic. I'll probably never leave. ;D

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Are you guy's talking about the same Gob who is beating the cr** out of us in the dungeon ?

Who forgot to give us any thing to eat for, what has it been. . ..4 weeks now ?

But serious, thanks Gobalopper.

And not to forget Mahdi. But also the older members here. Ordos45, ExAtreides, Edric O, Acriku and ofcourse, Nema Fakei. Who've stayed here and kept it just a bit more alive.


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