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  1. ahh cool. thanks for clearing that up! i now understand the mystery that is Nesquick lol
  2. isnt nesquick a breakfast cereal endorsed by some dodgy rabbit with ridicuously large ears? not that i dont like him lol was just wondering...
  3. i eat haribo sometimes, it can be bought in the shops here. my favourite is the haribo golden bears!
  4. good choice, Ireland isnt as bad as its made out to be. Northern Ireland on the other hand...
  5. Gerf


    the transplants rock! they are a side project of blink 182 and rancid
  6. Gerf

    DivX player

    that might be something to do with the audio properties or it might be because of the movie. most movies now use Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding. this works best with a 5.1 speaker setup,which is: front left, centre, front right, real left and rear right satelittes, aswell as a subwoofer. the centre speaker handles all of the speech, so ur sound may be distorted because of ur speaker arrangement, or u dont use a 5.1 speaker system
  7. yeah, its a great programme, i watch it a lot too. some of the things they do are very clever, such as Pumpkin Chunkin'!!! that was a brilliant episode!
  8. Gerf

    classic comedies

    or airplane for that matter, it hilarious! the ultimate comedy spoof!
  9. Gerf

    classic comedies

    blackadder airplane 1 and 2 father ted the quest for the Holy Grail... fawlty towers
  10. dont worry, im trained and legal emprworm try squeezing the trigger gently aswell, the gun wont suddenly jerk if u do it slowly and gently
  11. if u find ur shaking much, try holding the rifle further along the barrel, with the hand that u dont use to squeeze the trigger. if u were lying down, u could try using a bipod or leaning the end of the barrel on a rest to steady the gun
  12. ive been playing drums for a few years now, they are my favourite instrument. i can also play a little bass guitar and thats it. i used to play trumpet, but gave it up
  13. Gerf

    Its my birthday!!!

    happy birthday mate, even though i dont know u. happy birthday anyway, and look at it like this, only 3 more years until u can LEGALLY buy alcohol! ;D thats actually kinda tight, over here, u need to be 16 to buy cigarettes, and 18 to buy alcohol! Not bad at all!
  14. I agree with Acriku, hardworking bands who are talented an play their own stuff deserve the credit. Has anyone any idea how hard it is just to get your name recognised? then to get spotted by a decent record company? theres a hell of a lot of work to be done, and certain people like britney spears dont deserve that privilege.
  15. i play it from time to time, but my computer is too fast for it, and so its hard to control. i like RA2 and Yuris revenge better
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