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  1. Yeah, they stopped supporting Renegade a while ago... But I'm probably gonna play Generals anyway. I can't pass up the opportunity to watch emprworm make as much of an idiot out of himself on the Generals forums as he did on these :)
  2. Actually, I had a reason... I just wanted to know who really cared. It seemed to me like he was just feeding his ego even more. "WOOT! I DID IT! I DID IT! I SET A NEW WORLD RECORD FOR MOST STUFF BUILT IN A KNIFE FIGHT BASE! " "There is no way, just no freaking way anyone is gonna beat this. Let me tell you how amazingly built this base was:" "Using Atreides? Harkonnen? Ordos? Can you outdo me?" Like I said, I said I missed the part where anyone cares, then he took it a bit too personally and decided he should start throwing around random insults about me. That's not a hijack. A hijack is where you say something like "OMFG j00 iz t3h sux0r I r0x0r at 3mper0r muhahahahahahah!!!1111" right in the middle of a thread ;) Besides, you need to start reading. I'm not the one making a scene about this. ::) The person saying that I'm on a personal mission to flame him at all costs is the one making a scene. I'm just sitting here laughing at him :)
  3. I think it's kinda funny, actually. It's interesting to see just how sorry he can sound when he's in a situation he can't lie his way out of :) It's not like this is some sort of a political debate. You can't win by lying, throwing around insults, and trying to sound smart while doing it ::) But anyway, this thread is probably gonna be gone by the time I wake up. Too bad there's not one time emprworm can name where I "constantly attacked him through bilbo" in the past 5 months. Like I said, this isn't something he can lie his way out of, so he's bound to sound like an idiot ;) Unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize I wouldn't have even bothered responding to him if he hadn't spewed as much lies, insults, and everything else he did after I asked him who cared. Like I said, he pretty much went off his rocker at that time, and now he's trying to make it sound like it never happened. Not like I expect anything better from some kid with nothing better to do than try to turn something like this into a legal battle ::)
  4. LOL, this is hilarious... You edit out all of the nonesense, swearing, lies, and everything else you said to me, and then you go to complain about me. I remember cable did the same thing a few months ago where he constantly deleted his threads whenever he started to lose an argument. But anyway, if you're gonna sound like a 9 year old while flaming me, and sound somewhat mature here, then I have to thank you. You managed to show how two faced you are without me even trying ;) You completely went off your rocker when I asked who cared, then you go and do something like this.... LOL. Like I said, you're only proving you have the maturity of an egotistical child :) You have to get it through your head. I'm not like you. I'm not going to post lies, swearing, and immature nonesense, then delete it like you do. I show people like you for who they are using factual information. Have a good stay at the Fed2k forums :)
  5. Hehehe, it's so funny how you're constatnly trying to attack me through cable... I can just imagine how you look right now, sitting there in your chair boiling in frustration about how you can't manage to say a single truthful thing to discredit me :)
  6. Actually, I think it's kinda funny that you're attacking me through cable... Anyway, since you're obviously obsessed about discrediting me, I'll give you a little information that should keep you from making an idiot out of yourself in the near future ;) It's not up to me who gets into FEW. I barely play Emperor anymore. You were the one that defended cable when he made fake screenshots of me swearing at bilbo. You were the one that kept it a secret that he intended to do it. Now, try to NOT sound like a moron when you flame me next time, ok? ;D
  7. Ummm... I think I missed the part where anyone cares ???
  8. HEY! I thought Raiden and I had that site name O_o
  9. [me=MadLuxan]brown noses and leaves the thread[/me] :P
  10. Going back on topic... Here's something that some of you might have some input to add to. http://messagebrd.westwood.ea.com/cgi-bin/boards/gen/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=000604
  11. Madluxan


    :O :O :O I know where Tupile is!! :O :O :O
  12. Madluxan

    A reminder.

    I sent pro an email about moving the forum to http://boards.gamers.com/messages/overview.asp?name=DMSWG here, but I haven't seen him on Emp recently. I can put in a required password everytime someone wants to log into the forums, or set up a separate forum for public and private. It's a whole hell of a lot better than that yahoo popup/email spamming crap O_o
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