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Oh good, that means brainwashed fools finally have a place to meet. :)

Btw, do you know of any software that could help me hide or change my IP? I'm just curious... No, of course I would never try to mess up the Generals boards... Oops, you never heard that! This post does not exist. :-X

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YA HYA CHOUHADA!! Death to House Westwood! ;D

Oh, and Generals will obviously suck big time, but most C&C fans are too stupid to see it. It makes me sad to see them so gullible. They would buy anything with a C&C stamp on it.

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Acaully generals pretty good. Sweet looking graphics, and the unit diversity looks interseting to play with. Also the resource system looks like emps, in the way that it will be fast paced. And i havent like any of the c&c games, and i am only going tobuy because it looks fun to master.

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