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  1. Dude, your a life saver!! Ever heard of '11th Hour', sequal to '7th Guest'. The sound card detection wouldnt work, now it does COOL :O
  2. Eek, The boards a FLOODED with n00bs!!! Its sad to read half the stuff on there...
  3. Yes there open :) Just to let you know... http://generals.ea.com/
  4. Well the new card made Battlefield 1942 work, but it didnt do jack to Renegade. I fell in love with Battlefield 1942, so i kinda do care for Renegade anymore :- . Thanks for the help, and thank those dudes at WW for the help too. ;) (theres new colors ive never seen before on this site :O ) Caranto5
  5. FYI: http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11101105&m=488&cat=521&scat=522 This is what im buying tomorrow. Because Battlefield 1942 needs a 32mb or higher VideoCard and i got a 16 :'( .
  6. Ok, I will do the WWConfig.exe report fisrts. It will Take me 2-3 days becuase this is a very loarge report.
  7. :O Nice, even those are rumors they sound true here.
  8. Would it be good if wrote up the whole Error report, sent it to you guys?
  9. CCR - (C&C Renegade) RTCW - (Return to Castle Wolfenstein) MW4 - (MechWarrior4) SWG - (StarWars Galaxies) CCG - (C&C Generals
  10. I wish i could play Renegade.... :-
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