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  1. yo gza sup, im not playing anything atm, well sometime a game of td with wc. quitted generals and zh long time ago... waiting for doom 3 now, 1 more week to go :)
  2. hmm if that would happen, i might start playing again..
  3. whatz wrong with zh? after patch it became much better, competition is killing and an official ladder is coming (in collaboration with cw)..
  4. yeah m8, i know. but dont know when, tonight, fridaynight and saturday night ill be going out, and then i dont know if ill be able to play a decent game on sunday. ps. its about 8 hours earlier @ ur place?
  5. lol dont worry taq, u will always find someone to play cw with, most players are in 2v2. all the top players are online like 24/7 so its neva a problem to get a match. just say like 1V1 CW ANY1??? and its done. their are so many people playing cw that its just as good as any original ladder. and after the patch there will b even more players.
  6. all standard maps are allowed, any other maps r not. i must say i feel the same, taq, i hate all those spells and orcs and stuff like that so wc wasnt an option. if only blizzard would have made generals. :P
  7. my question is: where the hell is everyone? i thought all the emp players went to generals and a couple to warcraft. Where are elite, xvayne, acelethal, emprworm, schorpie, maxpovver, ijw, zaeblovse, marcel74, krazyorse and all the others i forgot to mention?
  8. nope u cant play clanwars via quikmatch, u have to do this via custom match. Most people hang around in 1v1 and 2v2. and yes u have to report in order for the game to be counted. maybe it looks or sounds flimsy (not that i know what this means ;D) but it works very good. u always report u loss, if the other player doesnt do this within 4 hours he is in violation. 4 this u need the replay cuz then u (u being the winner) have to autoreport it (just login and u will see it). as i said the most important thing is the cw admin how is strict but fair and keeps track of everything so theirs no cheating whatsoever. and btw reporting a loss is done in 30 secs.
  9. k well first strategist will send u an invite, then all u have to do to join is login at cw and accept the invite. as far as playing, the loser always reports. and reporting losses speaks for itself, just login and u will see it. make sure to always save the replay of a cw match, and always when looking for a game make sure to mention its cw. the admin at smakcentral (cw board) is very good, he keeps track of everything, and gives out a lot of point deductions and bans i u dont obey the rules or cheat. thats bout it i think, when strategist reads this he'll send u an invite.
  10. k but u actually have to register that nick b4 the end of this century. ;D
  11. hehe yeah i still know u taq. Well if u register at clanwars.cc u would register as Taqwa11, on gol u would have to make a nick name like: -EmP-Taqwa11. nice to have u in the clan m8.
  12. k well me and master strategist made a clan for all the old emperor players to participate on clanwars.cc for zero hour. So its me and strategist, and i hope all the other emp oldbies who play zh. clan is -EmP-
  13. k dont know how long it will take b4 they fix d3mon so i made a clan named DeMoN. If anyone wanna join, send me im with clanwars.cc nickname.
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