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So sue me! ;D

(always wanted to say that)

You don't seem to realize how widespread software pirating is in Romania, Leto. ;) It's practically wide in the open, I can just walk a hundred metres from my house and buy a warez CD. They even give you catalogs! Some even offer warranty...

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Well, your history skills do tell me a lot about the US education system... ::)

You think they would have tought you by now that the cold war is over... Oh, I forgot, they *need* the "red scare". ::)

I'm not stupid, Leto, I know very well that the US has much higher standards of living than we do. But your government has too many innocent lives on its conscience... well, if they had a conscience, that is.

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Edric about the conscience thing.

Hitler=US Railroads of the 1800s.

A thing that every history teacher here except for ones who are old enough to retire and have nothing else to lose, is the American Holocaust. How many millions of Indians did my government possibly kill? A whole lot of Indians died but I dunno the exact number, but it was most likely at least a million.

Soon we will live to regret our freedoms. I say that because it allows radicals to grow stronger. I'm tlaking about people with machine guns, grenades, organization, and the ability to wage a guerilla war if not open war. Case in point is the National Alliance.

The National Alliance is lead by a man named Franklin Pierce, if I remember his name right. He owns his main Neo Nazi compound right here in my home state of West Virginia. His belief is that his group will wage a race war in the US and rid it of African-Americans, etc. Those they consider inferior. Scary thing about this is, they meet in secret so no one knows everyone but Pierce, and their members aren't just lower and middle class. Supposedly high placed people, such as Proffessors and Judges are involved in it. That sort of thing is a scary by-product of having rights.

(Back on the topic of the spam filled Generals boards now.)

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Well everyone knows the *real* commies are all in the States.

"My friend the Communist, holds meetings in his RV.

I can't afford his gas, so I'm stuck here, watchin' TV."

--Soak up the Sun, Sheryl Crow.

:) Nah seriously though, I don't know how many kids I've talked to here in the States, who believe the Communist government is best. I personally prefer the Industrial Feudal System, but that's me.

Of course, isn't destroying the commies what C&C is all about?

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Ex, *sigh*. Edric, *sigh*. You pity mortals will learn the wrath of the kilt and learn you will until you surrender the idea that Middle East ever had a chance. :) Ottoman - gone. Scottish - forever.

Edric, you can believe in logically infallible systems while I will dwell in the illogically fallible system of democracy :)

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