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  1. xvayne


    sry but i only installed emperor to play it every now and then. i run a clan that plays sof2, cod uo in leagues, and is at the top of them now, requires alot of scrimming, practice, running over strats, getting people sorted with leagues, running a server, checking for hackers, reporting hackers to pb.
  2. xvayne


    yeah, for cod i run {SPD} clan. we are 1 for ogl ctf, and 2 for domination. got ts, or site www.smoothpimps.com if you play cod alot, and are looking for a clan, and are good, hit me up. my xfire name is xvayne. msn is xvayne@msn.com. havent played emperor much, got rome total war, and its sweet, been playiung that and cod lately.
  3. xvayne


    played my first games, and got rolled bad, lol. was good fun though
  4. xvayne


    cool, i try to get it installed for the week end. im eastern time usa. its too bad this game isnt popular as others, its by far the most fun rts i have played. i been playing tribe vengence, cod uo, sof2, dawn of war(havent got into it too much yet). generals was a let down, imo.
  5. xvayne


    Does any still play this game, saw it in my draw, and was thinking of putting it back on. Hi to every one who rememebers me, and hy tot he rest.
  6. Hye im on genrals right now under the name xvayne. 53-3 right now with gla, and its alot of fun. Only problem with generals right now is the dcing, if some one dcs you the game just washes,a nd you both get a dc on your record, which is lame. Also, look at those 100-0 guys, go to their persona, and see how many dcs they have, each dc could be a bail on their part.
  7. when the ends there will be 2 things left, cockroaches and emperor :)
  8. it doesnt use old ww accounts, just make new one, and check the generals board, there is acouple threads for a solution.
  9. if you cant login in, its because if you have a games spy account, with a pw, it needs to be same as your generals one. I like the game, it isnt like ra2, the graphics are sweet, on my pc any ways, their is alot of deapth in the sides, and alot of tatics to be found. Go to the generals forums, there is more info there on how to solve your connection probs, and make sure your fire wall is off. And elite empty your mailbox mofo :)
  10. Nothing beats a flame war, emperor style :)
  11. Hmm, i wonder why thoxen ip address during the hack time was the same as cables, hmmm.
  12. Well i played for over a yr, and i would say ordos is the strongest house. I have played all the houses, and found ordos to be the best. I dont think gob is talking with subs, but even if he was ordos are by far the greatest. Second would be hark, and atr i would say be last. Thast just me though :)
  13. the list was taken form the 12pm westwood time. This is when ww closed the ladders, not once the new one started. All you see after that time doesnt count, and never did count before when ww was here.
  14. sry, roto left your name out. The list was 10 mins early simply because i had to go at 3pm. And i check then, and no had played. Sry again roto, just delete your name by mistake ;)
  15. Well they played, so the champs are the champs.
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