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  1. Yes, i remember him too
  2. (OOC: ExS, where did you go?) Sorry guys, but i won't be able to continue this thread any longer...
  3. From now on, all quest points are worth either 100 soldiers with all the best equipment, free, or 10,000 gp.
  4. Twin-Head


    The Ultralisk rolls into a ball, and his caraspace covers him, hopefully thats enough DEFENSE to withstand the grenade
  5. I'll join, I'll be an Evil Wizard.
  6. Ahh, i'm getting sick of waiting, Groqmoore wins! Prize(s): GiftCertificate(3,000 gp) from Megot's Magic Weapons, 2,000 gp, and ranking +1 in the fighting arena +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= Ztraag trips and falls upward. aparently, this is a reverse gravity chamber. Ztraag impales himself on a spike!!!!
  7. Twin-Head


    The Ultralisk swings his mighty blades and ATTACKs the 'Acriku'
  8. Twin-Head


    The Ultralisk jumps forward and swings his blades in a COUNTERATTACK.
  9. The reason the price is so high, is that he also gets magically enhanced when ressurected. He will be stronger, and, he will be able to learn and cast spells, if you want him to...
  10. One of the mages informs the W.U.N.F. about a ressurection mage whom can ressurect for 10,000 gp.
  11. Twin-Head


    Im an Ultralisk, not a hydralisk. Tyuio shows his blades, and sweeps them up in a DEFENDing motion.
  12. The Last Ogre falls over from the heat of the flames. His body explodes, and ogre guts splatter everywhere. The fighting over, the bodies are checked. Each tribe found 20,000 gp, and is awarded 1 quest point. The High Mage Of Dolicot sends a telepathic massege to all spellcasters. Each tribe is to send their best sorceror/sorceress or wizard/witch. The first annual Magic competition is being held at the mage tower in Dolicot. The winner will be allowed to study at the magic achademy, free for a year, and win 10,000 gp. The entry cost is: 50 gp.
  13. Twin-Head


    [hide]Tyuio rips open the EyeBall, splattering blood, and nerve endings all over the wall. He rips out one of his own EyeBalls, also splattering blood and gore everywhere. He takes the EyeBall, and puts it in as his own eye. Now he has all the powers that the EyeBall had. Tyuio prepares for battle[/hide] Theres my fatality scene. Is your above post the announcment for the fight, or not???
  14. The Ogres react by smashing their clubs on everything that they can't see. They slam down on trees, houses, walls, and just about everything else. The bullets continue to pound into the ogre's skulls. 3 of them collapse onto the ground, dead. The Ogre mages cast spells on the remaining and they seem to know exactly where the W.U.N.F. soldiers are. They all three team up on one soldier and swing their clubs strait at the soldier... ================================================ Uhh we'll say that the gold cost is for the warriors only, the mages will get it free.(Because they have enough spells to enchant them theirselves) IT will cost gold, we'll say because you have to implement it in the armor.
  15. Twin-Head


    Tyuio angrily growls, and slams both blades down on the EyeBall trying to kill it in this round. May th Overmind help me if he cares about me!
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