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  1. Well i was wondering about paint because im modding my case. theres a guy currently cutting the shape of a demon out. i got red led lights and plexi-glas goin in there so it should be pretty hip. i was just wondering which kind of paint would be best. its a metallic case.
  2. Hey i dont know if this is where i should post about this, but what kind of paint should i paint my case. its jus plain ole black and im looking to paint it green/or blue.. is there a certain kind of paint that should be used? thanks
  3. Duneguy


    you type in thier name in game ,and you click attack.you win based on level, weapons and skills learned. its fairly cool. there are rounds and stuff. ways to get money, like casinos and a lottery. there are adventures. shops you can buy stuff. its was a little hard on me when i first started, but im getting the hang of it.. i highly recomend it if you like these type of online games.
  4. Duneguy


    Umm i never download the file. and you never need to. if there WERE a way that i could stop that thing from coming up, believe me i would. but there is no way for me. and how could it be against the rules if i am showing a game i just found, and an example of the power system? yeah it helps me out, but not much... im sorry no one has to click on the link. and there IS a pop-up. i have no idea what the heck it is.. i never downloaded it. sorry. if you dont want to see it ,dont click on it. and the prizes you and win and stuff like that are for doing so well for that month. for like being the top gangster, popstar and monster and stuff like that.. i dont mean the crap that people put on the site to try and spam down your mailbox if you click on it and enter your email.
  5. Duneguy


    hey there guys. ive recently found the online game OUTWAR. its like an online RPG. you make your characters stronger by having people visit your page like so(http://www.outwar.com/page.php?x=1930238) . you can have anyone you know or anything that your affialated with go to the link to make you stronger. there are prizes you can win and all that fun stuff.. i highly reccomend it
  6. Ok, this may have been asked and awnsered before, and im sorry if it has and i just skipped over it. I was lying in bed watching my David Lynch's DUNE, thinking about the machine crusade which i just finished a few days ago, and got to wondering. what powered the machines? it never really talks about how they were powered. they did say that they were made of alloys and gelcicutrity. but none of the machines never seemed to have battery trouble.. none seemed to need a boost or anything. maybe just a dumb question but im curious anyhow. thanks
  7. yo nav what did they accuse you of? all they really get mad about are hacks used in the game.. maphack is the one i think they punish for...am i right?
  8. yeah that was my very first account, i believe my good one was Phate or something along those lines, ill check sometime.. i should be on battle.net tonight whats everyones sig. i shall play them a game or two... i play on useast, i can go to any server though...got an account on each =========================================== my new name on east is phat3, i will make the same name on the other servers, u guys want to get a group game going?
  9. ook heres an update since i need to get warcraft III working so i can stomp a mudhole in NAVAROS. lol, hopefully anyway.. i tried the memory thing to no avail. the problem ONLY arises during gameplay. never during anything else, i could be running kazaa internet explorer avant brower, word, and winamp perfectly fine no lag, except my internet connection sucks.. soon as i start up ANY game, roms of SNES even lagg all to hell, it starts lagging lasts about 5 seconds, stops for about 30 lags for another 5 and so on and so forth, sometime it lags for 6 seconds waits 10 seconds then back to the lag... i tried the recovery disk but it didnt work anyway. and i dont have a windows XP cd to install after i format... ok went out and got XP re-installed, put in all new memory. works fine so far...
  10. *direct Quote*Players of level 11 and higher may also lose XP if they do not play a minimum number of games a week, as listed on Chart 1. Failure to play once a week--defined as beginning and ending on Monday at 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) - is counted as a single loss to an opponent one level below the player.*end of direct Quote* there ya go NAV there is that, im working on getting warcraft 3 to run.. my bro just happened t obuy frozen throne, soon as he gets it going and an account going i will use his computer and play someone who wants to see how good(or bad) i am. there are a lot better people out there, just saying i can handle myself. i will work on recovering my account name and password once io get the game running maybe it was Phate... who knows anyhow chow.
  11. well i stopped playing basic warcraft III a while back when i got chosen for beta testing for Frozen Throne. The stats. if i remember correctly, degenerate over time. i may be mistaken, but i think that works. but i can say that i used random about 700 times on my newbie accoutn and won bout 500 of course losing the other 200, lots of losses in human and undead as i started playing out as them since i was not wise enough to use RANDOM(which is the best in the world) soon as frozen throne(not the beta) hits my computer i will be more than happy to play anyone that would like a game.. lots of differences and strengths in Frozen throne. ohh i would like to say i have owned Warcraft III since it came out, so i will happily play anyone who likes, would have to re-install it though.
  12. *cough cough* as a very expirenced player in all fields of races and knowledge(ok maybe not the last one), but anyway i used to be very very very good at this game. my favorite race as of now is the night elves. undefeated as of yet, the best strat i got with a group say 4sv4 3vs3 2vs2 what have you, anyway its dryads, and priestess of the moon. dryads are very good against humans when u get the ability to be immune to magic. very helpful. i have successfully defeated every race using my get lots of levels killing NPC enemies, go heal at the numerous moon wells, max everyone out, run into the base with Sone WIndfall(my fav of the priestess of the moon) and cast starfall from the back, have all the dryads focus on peasents and then town hall, necropolis, tree or whatever. the tank strategy is a very good plan, but not against air, this of this i am undead, you are tank... i build a ziggy somewhere in a allies base(of course a necropolis also, cant build without that...) and use Wyrms and desrtoy your base, tanks cant attack air, so after i wiped out your base, i systematically wipe out your tanks.. easy as that... you can use the tank strat if they are dug in enough and are just build towers etc. anyhow from all my playing( which i played at least 4 hours every day) i learned to neveruse a strat u seen someone else talk about, because then people will become weary of it. this game is mostly about luck and some skill. never know what the enemy is building, so u never know what will work. good teamwork and knowledge wins the games.. nav your an idiot. the night elves are the strongest race.... humans undead are strong yes, but not as strong.. orcs arent that strong, but dang they can pack a punch with various strats... taurens, raiders own, wyverns(expensive as hell) they can all work if u know what your doing..
  13. alright im a 17 yeard old male with an extensive knowledge of many.i repeat many books. i picked up a harry potter boot bout a year ago and found it interesting, and from there i have read every book and own the two dvd's. i myself find nothing wrong with Harry Potter at all. and like navaros is sayign that they for cults blah blah im a little nervour boy who is arafaid of chance, if Harry potter teaches kids to kill, then Kevin Cosner(last name?) in water world teaches people to grow gills, planet of the apes teaches people to act like monkeys, toy story is about how toys are alive and plotting things... ohh coem on ITS JUST A BOOK! a very good book at that.... u wanta argue start a topin in the debate board.. lets go, i have all of the arguments on my side.. lets go.. haha.. anyway i found ORDER OF THE PHOENIX a ver well thought out book, loved the ending ;) the person whouldnt have died.. but i think i know what will happen so we will next round with the next book comes out... hurry up and read those who havent finished.. very good book. i suggest to all my friends...
  14. yeah its totally new, need more memore though, only got 256. the thing is that memory would be the best for gaming? what companies are better or they all pretty much the same?
  15. Duneguy

    New books

    isnt The Lazarus effect part of Destination: Void? didnt have it listed or anything...
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