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9th of march, 2010 at 12:19 GMT+1 our son has been born. He weights 4042 grams and has an estimated length of ~ 50cm.

We call him Niels.

Mother gave birth to Niels via a Caesarian section after hard work for many hours. Both Mother and son are doing fine. Father just had a good night of sleep at home (while mother and son are at the hospital).

Going back to hospital today, but just wanted to let you guys know this :) !

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Congratulations Stefan! With you son Niels.

I hope, you enjoy all the atributes comming with him ;D

Lesson 1, make sure to have plenty of diapers in home. I am pretty sure u will learn this lesson fast ;) Some babies could waste at least 8 a day (24h).

Good luck!

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Thanks for the nice responses :D

I am really appreciating the last nights of sleep at home (my wife and son are at the hospital atleast until friday). Although I think my wife was preparing me for the nights when the baby would come, because she was snoring a lot (and very loud!). So actually I am sleeping better than before even :D


Lets hope I can make him enthusiastic about Dune like I was/am, and perhaps he might even  make a clone of D2TM some day ::)

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