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  1. Those games have been FREE in Ea site during some anniversary. I fear there won't be add anything nor add modding, so no alternative to Openra.
  2. I did some years ago mods about Dune 12 for both Dune 2000 and Emperor. Dune 12 is just a book I wrote with my brother in year 2000. The factions in the lore are: ATREIDES: They use spice for medicine. They should have both decent infantry and highly spammable infantry obtained with their genetic experiments since at some point of the book they instant grown newborns from the nursery to the barracks! Their vehicles are supposed to have a bad design, so both slow and cheap. Their special vehicles are supposed to be good. They are supposed to have the best aviatio
  3. Great mod. There is also controllable aircraft.
  4. I think there shouldn't be space in EU for countries that don't use the same currency. Of course some countries are speding like retarded (expecially Italy since they put on charge godfather Draghi that prints euros like a crazy to cover the fact that every single year Italy makes at least 200 billions more of debt) but it is a flaw of democracy, but if you are outside my family you can't decide how to spend my money while you have a separate wallet that I can't touch. About immigration I think that very few countries have an even remotely decent plan. USA for example is ab
  5. Not a music expert but Ordos mentat music in Dune 2 seems a lot different from Pc Speaker to Adlib/Sound Blaster....seems even a different song. With Atreides and Harkonnen the music is always the same, it is just "smoother" with Sound Blaster.
  6. It should have at least a male child able to transfer the surname "Harkonnen" because in Heretics they said thtat Leto II forced Harkonnen to spend a lot of money to conquer them. Relatives isn't enough since the cousins of Atreides are Corrino!
  7. Funny thing is that Harkonnen are the best. The baron is a disgusting person and a pedo too, but while Paul is personally a decent guy he brings the terrible Fremen to power. So Fremen rule of Universe is worse than past Corrino and Harkonnen despite the efforts of Paul. Tleilaxu are fanatical just like Fremen but they are....clumsy. The last two Dune books are about a menace (a new kind of fanatic but more aggressive than Tleilaxu and Fremen) created by a huge "distraction" of Tleilaxu.
  8. I have four disks too but with different cover: big image of harvester and two smaller image one with Atreides Mentat and one with carryall "vast armies have arrived" from the introduction. Also is battle for Arrakis and not building of a dinasty.
  9. Didn't like 3 robot units and the fact last scenario was always the same. For the rest was one of the best RTS ever.
  10. The historical holocaust was a mixture of a plan and a big accident, most of people died of starvation in fact, they were supposed to be in Madagascar. Modern holocaust is more efficient. Keep away jew people from safe lands like Madagascar and put them all in a desert strip surrounded by arab nations. Anyway I don't understand the sense of the opening post: holocaust is a genocide, war in Gaza isn't since population keep growing, more similar to holocaust is what is happening in Iraq with entire communities wiped by ISIS/ISIL.
  11. Leto is an italian name, but is very rare, it is used the female version that is Letizia. Means glad/happy (the italian word is nearly the same, it is lieto), the female versione means more happyness than just happy. Leto also means also kill in latin. As a name Leto is similar to letto, that is bed lol. About FH maybe he was inspired by the greek goddess? I think Leto's face is better in the movie than in the book. In the book he has a witch nose.
  12. This revolution is getting weird. Separatists now use confederate flag and the new ukraine president is Pornoshenko.
  13. Italy will be really a wild card, not just the officially unaligned MEP, but you should also count that Social Democrat elected (31) were splitted in more groups and was an arbitrary decision of the new secretary to go in the PES. The premier himself come from DC but many elected are communists and socialists (there are even pure bankers and one girl from the american democratic party that can vote in Italy for unknown reasons), he didn't have much problem with colleagues because they are yes-men with his presence, but they could quarrel a lot once in european parliament without his control.
  14. So in Europe we have first party that is soviet in disguise: Merkel, Tusk and their lackeys. Second is some kind of pro-Germany but anti-Merkel fascism and their backbone is Italy with Renzi. As usual France and United Kingdom choose neither, they despised again both Germany and Russia and support USA's agents that will win this war.
  15. Italian media are saying that Ukraine must be united and Timoshenko is bad too. I guess the solution will be an ukrainan version of Tusk, a man able to build a crony economy based solely on EU funds and flirt with Russia at the same time, they just need to act fast because Obama has still two years, but after him any president won't tolerate to watch government changes that don't bring any advantage to USA.
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