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  1. My apologies, I never actually read Wolf's post properly.
  2. I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you're trying to imply or say, could you elaborate?
  3. Really, this would imply otherwise: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/greece-spends-bailout-cash-european-military-purchases As if the people currently have any real power. Governments are usually in control of the finances of a country (ie. not the people), especially in the case of Greece.
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    A bunch of random humorous pictures I found on some site(s): (a little sexist, but whatever) There are a bunch of funnies here too: http://thefunniest.info/top.html
  5. That Guy


    I found the fail compilation to be funnier. Others can post videos here too, right?: It might be more amazing than funny...
  6. That Guy


    I'm looking to try out Minecraft, but... is Minecraft a pain to mod? If so, which version is more-or-less compatible with most mods?
  7. I don't quite understand why that guy called it "scary".
  8. I've started visiting this site again occasionally, as some may have noticed. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that there's enough people to properly chat with.
  9. There was a poll like this on deviantART, and I was curious as to what people think on this site. I believe "concept" is more important. I guess you could say "execution" and "concept", can equate to "skill" and "idea/creativity" respectively. You can act on an idea, but you can't do anything with skill alone. An artist is also driven by "concept", not execution. Don't get me wrong though, both are important.
  10. That Guy

    Guild Wars 2

    Guild Wars 2 is looking fairly decent so far, although, I do have a few qualms with the game. Firstly, the lack of a proper White Mage-type really puts me off. I don't see why they had to fuse the Paragon (Paladin) with the Monk (White Mage) into the Guardian, which kind of mainly just ends up as a paladin (with extra magic) regardless. Secondly, the fact that every profession can do everything (ie. heal, support, damage, control, etc) in some form or another is a bad idea (IMO), as this results in less specialization, and would likely end up in less thought-out teamwork or plans; essentially making everyone end up as a "Red Mage-type". I do find that each profession doing each of everything in their own unique ways is a good idea, but not a good enough idea to justify giving every class the ability to do everything. How does a Warrior healing himself mid-combat make sense anyway?
  11. - Red Earth/Warzard 2, I don't think many people have played or heard of Red Earth/Warzard, but it was a great game that definitely deserves more recognition. - A real-time action Pokemon game, turn-based battles are often rather boring, I don't think turn-based battles really suit something like Pokemon anyway. - Gotcha Force 2 - Custom Robo Wii - Kingdom Hearts 3
  12. That Guy

    Gulf Oil Spill

    Are you for real?
  13. That Guy

    Starcraft 2

    The formula seemed (for the most part) fine the way it was, I don't think they should change it that dramatically.
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