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You know you're an 'Old Timer' when...


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... you opened this thread knowing you'll be groaning at some of the truths here.

... you've had several attitudes towards religion (often dramatically different) play out in threads over time.

... you still fear the dungeon... and what Gob hides in there ever since hiding it from most (the lucky ones).

... you'd gladly take whoever is in the area out to the bars for some good times (actual bodies to match the names would be weird).

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...you remember the old debate about tanks in the Arrakis game.

...your post count is understated because you joined before this forum was set up.

...you remember the post by Delphi that said "a storm is coming" a few weeks before Westwood officially announced Emperor.

...you posted in the old "Religion" thread before PRP was set up (44 pages of replies in four months, locked in April 2002, still the 6th longest thread of all time).

...you posted in the old "Spew All About Politics Here" thread (24 pages of replies in three months, last post in December 2002, still the 10th longest thread of all time).

...you remember the time before Edric was a communist (!) - yes, there was such a time.

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when u are old enough and had a pc back in 1990  18 years ago oh god ...

and u buy dune 2  on a 10 mb floppy and say to ure self as u watch ure first rts game

(what the f*k is that ?) are those small men will do as i say?  when i first see it in my cousin office i thought its some kind

of engineering project of his.. then when he light a joint I told him wtf? are u playing?

i thought he are building platforms and stuff coz i herd the lady saying (building ,construction

complete and stuff lol ) i took the floppy back home and never left the computer after that..

1000s and 1000s of play time dune 2 dune 2 k emp  eath one gave the place to the other..

but i was late on emp coz i didnt have a home back then ..

i am an old timer u bet on that ...

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