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  1. spicy


    omg the forums looks like a grave yard . anyone here remember me? i am 52 yo now lol long time my friends but you are still dear to me , dune is not dead and its back https://store.steampowered.com/app/1965470/Barkhan/ maybe we can gather again who is left of us .. Spicy
  2. centner those Russians are better than you can imagine ..
  3. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27419-spicy-in-star-citizen/ hello you bunch of old men hehehehe Spitzer is here to crush your bones after dune i went to play bf2 then i got ill and lost my beloved mother but i have went to star citizen and build a large piracy org i need you bone crushers as my elite officer wing buy a package and join the spice master .. you will not regret its too late to turn back now to emp
  4. i feel sad that non of my freinds are here to read my thread .. we were so many but i too have gone for long long time .. life pass very fast .. shai hulud erjin .. .. eid .... newlords .... yuko ...... alchemi ..... korlover ..... kalim.....elsipue... lots and lots i remember them all ..... in 2002 so many years .. has passed but we are still fighting . spicy old now and broken but fighting harder .. the order of the dragon is a top sc org now .. in fact the first piracy title ... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/orgs/listing?sort=size_desc&search=&activity[]=5&activity[]=10&pagesize=12&page=1& and #8 overall in 41416 ORGANIZATIONS the order holds a massive 1000 main members ... strong discord server .. steam and twitch channel . sc is a great game and i have been working there since 2013 id still want to find my friends the mighty arrakis warriors .. i promise them the best ranks and treatments . as usual . RSI is the future and the place to be .. dont get left behind .. join the order of the dragon .. and enlist your name here . so i can find you .. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game/spaceflight Ya Hya Chouhada to andrew if you want consider dracul as the official dune2k clan i am a known member in emp ... and no one will object on the matter . the order have good ability in sc now and will be better than other ideas .. join me and i will create a dune2k cell inside the order it self .
  5. i dont want to dubbel post so put this reply where you see it more useful in fact there was a full encounter with dune fremen in the last star citizen con 2016 so here is the tour shai hulud
  6. well i am spicy ... i am playing star citizen and i am the leader of the biggest piracy org https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DRACUL i have not forgot my friends ...... i came back to pick them up .. follow me arrakies warriors .. apply or reply to me here so i can lower the gates for u sc is the future and the order of the dragon is the place to be ... death is near we are dracuul
  7. hello freinds i have a big star citezen clan now anyone want to come with me ?
  8. yes i am the spice master, and no one got banned here cheese cack . and check this link dudes . its action time and i got an org allready https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ODDYSEE hello eodolon my old gang mate . sup boddy just hang on okay ... peace
  9. spicy

    visions of a man

    http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/18335-space-sim/ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ i guess 32 years of gamming has it kicks
  10. Hi guys , anyone here still from our old gang ? my life story is taking strange turns these days but i will only talk if you guys are still around .
  11. after 3 years of studying Islam and praying as a way to find a salvation from my current situation i had this experience quran and prophet instruction the lacking of existence in environmental and social and mental reality/world described in the books , in the present day which means the world described in that book is dead and extinct its like telling you to breath on mars or that the boy next door is a demon , big gaps in communicating with other living humans beings in remote areas of the world making it more like a fancy of a man or nation ex ( prophet not eating onion and the beard ) and or choosing all the prophets from one family in one region . making it really ridiculous to ask a person who lived in a carriby island why you didnt know about it ? not documenting or proving in any way stories of supernatural events that accrued in extreme historical dark ages of the human population and could has been copied and pasted from stories been told by the same previous books and cults in the region over and over again but with different names still not giving any material clues on how those events took place or on the supernatural/spiritual intelligence that caused it . which makes it too hard for a human brain to process the required logical interconnection in the whole of the book leaving it to maybe, and could be. and individuals guessing which in a final conclusion effecting a healthy and positive function of the brain in a demanding/dangerous world , it is fun to read tho as good as those stories of the supernatural , i like the stories of the enchanted Moses stave it reminds me of skyrim _ tho i find it appropriate not to go against it or say that i know what i dont know . it is too strong for one man to go against it , in most cases the book is similar to any lows like dont steel dont kill dont rape ex... i guess if its true after all its quite complicated. and a good guy should be able to be forgiven by a kind god as he described him self . for not being able to develop a healthy faith imagination in the middle of this confusion and wars in the middle east a society that was savagely raged in serving this religion they claim to worship . but at the same time they allow the extermination of their neighbor Muslim nations without any worries about it. like the war in Syria even at times helping doing it which proves the weakness of this book/religion in general which has effected the ability of those nations to develop in the past , 100 years and of sinking into terror this is syria a country of 30 millions population just got wiped out from the world map my original country this a demonstrator from cairo egypt where i live , its now in chaos since 2009 by this time a guy like this roams the street day and night looking like a border land character i guess you see the similarity .
  12. thanks and interesting also i was looking for my old friends but i guess they dont read here a lot i needed a strong material to feed my imagination against these shocks most of the things around just dont stand like games music movies and girls they just all turn against you in hard times they change to scary shadows
  13. its ok i depend on the holy book and translations of the prophet i did not understand the thing about the children you mean how we deepened on preachers? well i miss the days when it was just a game and the guys we used to meet i see non of them still here
  14. i was sleeping when i started dreaming about fisher map i saw a 3vs3 map i remember seeing erjin and doompower and korlover i guess i guess i was imagining not dreaming because spaze went for an ordos gaz rush there you go . the gaz units i am from Syria by the way . it was just like that game when all my people died over 10 millions now maybe dead we had a genocide then doom and kor started a harck attack rush when suddenly i found Cairo like this well i live in cairo Egypt the curfew its for 3 month's now but no one cares they still attack anyway , omg is it the end of the world ? i never believed the 2012 thing but this ? well ok i would say to my self spicy man you can deal with with anything yes never give up am tough ha. that is what youkolord always say just be the best , i tried but something happened at the same time . last year i was running when my left leg went numb now after one year i am having an aggressive attacks of multiple sclerosis dont even go read about it its so scary i might not survive another year . it can paralize every nurve in the body at any time as for now i have weak hands pain in left eye vibration in left leg and face and neck am really scared i can feel the neighbors attacking me from behind the walls . i started to pray but i am 40 i never thought of god ? will he believe me ? is he there ? its like telling a drunk pirate to read his last parer before execution . funny when my region islam is the mist strict even looking at my self praying is funny . my mother is very old also dying i guess am so alone i have no one to tell my strange story but for some guys may still be here that i consider one of my few only friends
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