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Man Mord, after looking at your mainboard picture i'm 100% certain you will sh*t your pants at the difference with this PC. Without a doubt. I mean damn, it doesen't even have an AGP slot in yours, i've bought older budget boards that have had integrated stuff on them that at least also had an AGP slot. That board you showed me, plus the 384 of old sdram and the 1.7 Celeron = pure ccccrrraaaap!

yea i dont think mord's computer was designed to be used for gaming..... most likely his computer was made for budget office use .... i.e. MS Word and Email usuage only.

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well ive learned alot guys thanks, i fixed the problem, my heatsink cooler wasnt clamped down onto my cpu chip so i guess it was overheating glad all of you guys helped me with that one! =P j/k thanks for everything though. still going to buy scars computer though heh :O

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yes u must.. man 150 dollars can be made.. and u will gain 1000s of hours of fun just check the pm i sended you..

as for ure pc i find it strange that the heat sinck wasnt clipped. do u have an idea why or who moved it??

btw  haw mutch are u going to sell ure pc?? (lol just want to know hehehe)

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Well Eid was telling him to remove the ram sticks and how too. But when he called me and told what he was looking at, man he's lucky he his CPU isn't fried, cause the heatsink/fan were only attached on one side. So it kept on shutting down on him due to the heat...man he's lucky it's not a paper weight. So he went and got the part he needed to fix the heatsink/fan for that board from what I gathered.

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lol this is what happens if you truely have no idea at all...

follow instructions very carefully, succeed,and then go off and try something very bold on your own without even knowing what it may be or what NOT to do.. sorry mord man  my mistake :/

although it seemed like something you wanted to do without asking or surfing the net about it so, you will learn my friend :)

but seeing as it was an intel chip id say this was probly the problem all along...though,with a few more details, this could have been spotted ages ago..

intel cpus have a tendancy to throttle themselves to a lower clock speed and voltage if it gets too hot (similar to amd64 cool&quiet)

whereas amd chips throttle to higher clocks (if c&q is disabled)

likely the cpu and ram was too hot and throttled long before emp was loaded....all u had to do was poke the board notch with a heavy screwdriver and it just broke off, funny shit :P

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and we were joking about mord hot processor  .. hear what happend to me..

lately and bit by bit my PC was slowing down and my games were lagging..

i didn't pay attention but suddenly i started to ask my self.. why this is happening

then today everything was clear for me when i changed the heat sink..

the poor old fan wasn't doing its job and my p4 was slowing down him self to

live with it.. i guess the heat was around 80 degree

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You should regularly (6 month's, more often in Dusty environments = pets/carpets...etc) clean out the inside of the PC, especially fans and heatsinks..

It's a damned good point, i just finished redecorating my hallway/staircase, which involved removing art-ex. I cleaned out My tower today and it was full of dust and crap, which can't of been doing it any good.

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yes i understand all this but i am still surprised about what

happend.. i mean the cpu was knocked out by the heat

just like mrods pc..i nearly stoped playing bf2 because it

was lagging and i couldnt explain it to my self so i just

ignored it..the cpu temp was around 80 degree and it was

slowing down it self...now the game is running super fast

and temp went to 39 degree..

i changed my heat sink befor but i didnt pay attention to all this

lol i was trying to fix mord pc and i had the same heat sink


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