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  1. u can put in any cd key for xp pro that work and can change it for 1 that u can validate later
  2. nope definatly didnt work . i ctrl alt del and nothing happens again , the screen/comp/game remain the same i have to manually shut down with the power switch
  3. i looked arounf and found quite a few of these threads . i basically wne through all the threads here and on a few other sites and couldnt get the game to work . i got amd64x2 with win xp pro sp2 and a x1950pro vid card with 7.1 drivers. i tryed the different compatibility modes and it wont work. i only have the install disc and the harkonen disc as i cannot find the game case. i got the 1.9 patch but the problem is that i installed the game and when i double click the shortcut it pops up the emp screen but instead of going into the game it minimizes and i lose my mouse so i have to reboot . anyhow if some 1 could help it would be great if not thanks anyways
  4. scar that depemds of the map and positions on map , coz if ur in the far corner (fisher) u have time to use crazy bo's and get away with it
  5. even with thos buildings u should still have sufficient units as hark to hold old any early attack in ur own base . ur problem is definatly not lack of units but rather lack of knowing how to attack/defend a bigger enemy
  6. when u get attacked by a large number of ships , it is very hard to keep engie going into same ref to repair it , infact most of the time u will lose the ref anyways , but the good part is that those ships will have wasted most of their ammo and may not have enought to destroy anothr building
  7. all refs in 1 base only depends on lacation of both bases , if they carry's aren't flying over an enemy base then i rather make a few ref in a friendly base
  8. i sorta got bored when my competition left, but i'll be back sooner or later. anyways i'm playing MOHPA , so if any1 else plays that look for me , my screen name is SKUNK
  9. well i have mohaa but since its a copy my cd key doesnt work online , and whats happeneing to emp , i been checking in the last few days and the who's online page is down and there dont seem to be any1 on?
  10. well i been working alot , but i got bored with people complaining and arguing all the time so i started playing medals of honor pacific assault. BTW u serious DAWG , ur gone for good , or u just saying that but still gonna check in from time to time? Doom if u have mohpa at ur disposal pm me and we can arrange some game time
  11. well its safer u try to kill ref with at least 4 ships , coz if he puts up last minute turret u aint gonna kill it
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