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  1. is any one still playing if there is any one. plz tell me what are you guys using to connect and play multiplayers games.
  2. hey erjin it may be old but it is nice to hear from you add me on my is elsipues
  3. ;D ;D ;D ;D Hey del it is nice to hear from you after a year and some moths that you decided to leave us. I'm still here and the way we set up games now days is usually true emboot. so look up for me and will be more than happie to reply to you. welcome back and hope stay for a wile ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)
  4. HI I'm still here you may be wondering Y but I'm still here sch am if you like i will be on line next Tuesday some were around 9 o'clock eastern time USA that is and we can try this server i would like to c if it actually works.
  5. hey I still in dont I count me in email me the date and time @ elsipues@hotmail.com
  6. Hey, I don't know what is this file for but i will like to get my hands on it so i can do some research and find out what it is for. and why do i need it for as well I believe that screams I'm Interested. Pleas upload it and give link for it. thanks in advance.
  7. scar look for on msn i will be able to help you on installing the game
  9. After tonight i realise that the main reason i keep coming back is not only the drink thing but the wonderful group of folks out there like Desertway, Doom, Miles, Pearlman, Newlords, too name but a few who make this game not only fun but great. thank you for not keeping me o mind. he mentioned every one who i have keep in here, :- :- :- :- but me the keeper. :'( :'( ;D
  10. hey spicy do you know were erjin can be contacted. if you do just spit it out.
  11. hey man that was cruel to say but honestly it is true and about my lure will be that this is the only game i have ever got legit meaning i pay for it. so since i pay for it i may as well use it. what you think.
  12. were that hell are you what you think this is for you to come a leave as you plz. are you nuts or something like that.
  13. Hey body wen is that you are coming back to us here in emp. i hope it will be shortly.
  14. send me an pm to elsipues@hotmail.com i may be able to help
  15. Since he did it on Turkish i may as well just cut and paste and translate to Spanish that will save me a whole lot of time on typing. all you have to do is just fallow the translation and learn on how to read Spanish and never the less to understand what it means,
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