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  1. I tried the tunngle network, it's a ghost town from what i can see, as expected.
  2. I wasn't in any gang!? oh hi spice :)
  3. ahh Korlover too many good 1v1 games with that guy, even when i was a newbie and had no clue what i was doing. he liked picking on me a lot back then hmm.. :] his drunken ramblings always cracked me up .... Just remember!!! whatever you do -even if your allied- do NOT use an engi !!!. No, not even to repair a damaged ref, or YOU WILL PAY!! Enter Avernus/Mush-hn 's schemin all-in-turret wall engi infiltration. which we know we all love so much. :)
  4. Tried and tried around a month ago. The problem lies with the router, it's time for a new one soon anyway. I dont think Tunngle likes NAT, and the router has no option to disable it. The second problem, if you could call it a problem is, i'm not convinced i can get emperor to run at my native resolution anymore. I've tried setting registry as required, however the game resets to default 640 480 What i'd like is something in the area of 6048x1080 or at the minimum 1920 1080... If i'm lucky, i can get maybe 1600 1200 from it before it creates problems :] Help with that if you need to :P surely you've got some asian hakxx there thatl fix it good yea? :] jk I'll look into a different router in the meantime to sort out this tunngle rubbish.
  5. Hey guys, kindjal ... :] I've tried tunngle etc, i cant seem to connect to all players properly, hearing message blips (miles : automessage) but cant see text etc. games get hosted but every game i've tried to join has zero patience to let me connect.. There was a time, when a failed game was re-served, and the host spared time to reconnect. Due to the lack of patience and fault tolerance of sorts, i don't think it's in my interest to engage with these players at all. Really disappointing guys! I'm sorry i wasted my time on you.
  6. *continues observing with quiet all* i haven't moved more than one quadrant per tick, so no-one can see or hear me yet }:> only 145 more slow, timed steps to pearls mcv, what a game!
  7. Gamers can have many lives, But games can never die ;)
  8. Who here has tried this technology out yet? The day i heard about multi monitor setups(looong time ago) THIS is what i thought they really meant! I only have 2x Samsung 2494Hs screens at the moment, but it's quite useful for rts games so far! -almost cheating in a way that new tech usually affords- 2 weeks from now,+1 more monitor, and I'll be abe to actually play fps games and such(think of where the crosshair would be on 2 screens) 5760x1080 is what my new years resolution will be! atm its 3840x1080 :( Cant help but wonder how that single 5870-6 card would cope with crysis with 6 screens at max sets....let alone 3! on a 1gig card(nerf AA ftw?) What's interesting though is that even some older games from 1998, which would have no idea what widescreen or eyefinity is, can still use the grouped resolutions :) Once i get my third screen and an active displayport>hdmi thingy, my life is complete.. goodbye cruel world!! sinistrals rule !! /wrist
  9. The only mod i've ever really played a fair bit was return of the dawn,doesn't look like it'd being updated anymore, I really enjoyed the effort put into it despite its limitations and i guess definitely count Freespace Scp these games really have paid for themselves Nope, it's the dos version here, unlikely to be the final build as every other version i've ever played has Nod turrets priced at $600 iirc It has this other glitch where you build a GDI Gun-turret sell it, then quickly stop it from selling during its meltdown animation The infantry it spawns are yours as a bonus and the sell transaction never really happens.. sell>deselect>select>stop cheezy exploitable glitch indeed.. The other versions i've played won't allow this anymore psx/cc95 etc nooooo......they know all about that! :P surely nyerguds knows the version specifics i'm referring to here :P he practically wrote the game :/ jk But back OT, if that commando actually used his rifle 'left handed' wouldn't the shell discharge to the right as standard? he better not have been using the scope or , yea ow
  10. 'That was left handed' You know...For years that one quote has eluded my complete understanding It took a neurologist to explain what that meant as they were trying the 'preference' type tests on me. 15 years later and i finally get it ::) sort of.... not really :- Still have all my Original C&C games.. have this wierd dos version of the original, nod turrets are priced at $250 and the like. I think the only C&C i went out of my way to avoid was Sole Survivour...
  11. Uhh, sounds like you need to give the tool the correct Ip to start as Apollyon noted (159.x.x.x is for wol) From there, just close the tool and start the game and login as normal , (the 'test' function will only work once you have actually logged in using the game) Think of a username and password 7 characters long or so and use that (no need to register etc) This is assuming 'User account control' is disabled while you modify the IP using the tool (some people have reported problems otherwise) If you're not using vista/win7 , Disreguard that last note yea,so knowing what OS you have could also help ;) Dont give up yet, if you are really that keen, perhaps someone(who could it be?) could login for you
  12. Hmm, seems quite a few people have this issue... I'm sure it's the tool not supporting or even noticing 'user account control' in Vista/7 Aside from setting appropriate permissions for 'username/administrators' for your hosts file (just those 2!) , It may help to completely disable UAC >restart >then try the tool again >then re-enable UAC ...(it's setting is here>> Control Panel>User Account panel) Better yet, don't even bother with UAC if you know whats good for your pc and whats not! I have never had this issue, although i never use UAC either ;) FYI i didn't need to change any permissions, be careful with that! I highly suggest making a restore point before you change anything that may disrupt certain services (like disk access scanning/system logging---oh yes!) oh right, laymans guide mmk... 1) Disable UAC> (user account control) off/lowest level This is in 'control panel>> user accounts' 2> Restart your Pc >> err really? 3> Run the Xwis tool ( no need to run as admin anymore ) 4) set the Ip 5) Testsickles?!! did it work?!! 6) Flame/blame the author of the tool and the OS as well as the game for good measure
  13. If you've got the cash to spend on a tailored PC that you want to game with. I highly recommend you don't get a tailored pc, as there's usually a restriction on upgradability and or they have some annoying onboard vga that u cant disable or sucks ass performance wise.. Instead talk to a few ppl about hardware specs.. The core components that usually matter the most for gaming pc's are Cpu, Gpu, and Ram.. Depending on the games your playing and the details you want from it.. Try start with something like this: ATI hd4870 or Nvidia gtx260 for Gpu Core 2 Quad/Duo Intel Cpu or Amd Phenom x4/x2 Cpu 4-GB of Ram 550watt power supply or better A good mainstream motherboard (asus p5q/k series are ok) That should let you max most recent games out easily.. So start from there and wok your way down to suit your price range.. Or move up if your planning on playing games like Cysis seriously though, tailored pc? eeiiuugghhhhh!!
  14. Asus P5n-Sli, yea i'm pretty sure another pci-express nvidia based card will do fine... You may even be able to use the old one as a secondary card if the drivers don't dispute... Just make sure you have enough power and connectors if needs be..
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