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  1. I love you guys. I'll have to start playing this again some time..
  2. haha havent changed mord! might get back on this game some time in the near future.. hit me up at marcpiggott@gmail.com (msn id) Would be good to kick your ass again like i used to on a daily basis :)
  3. lol mordfag marcpiggott@gmail.com is the msn addy i actually use cheers
  4. Please leave. It was a great christmas present to our little community when you said you weren't going to play anymore, don't take that away from us.
  5. I'm having trouble with it now.
  6. Too busy to play these days :< Maybe in a month or two
  7. i'd love to see bilbo30 back, he was cool
  8. so do u gunwounds san chuck norris is lame
  9. lol its darkd3th ps. rust in peace is an awesome album :P
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