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World Cup 2006TM

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The Azzuri were playing miserably, and I don't know who picked them as favourites. And the self goal - wow, that defender musta been sleeping, 'coz that was a really easy clearance. The foul on McBride was something, though, and he was leakin' blood like a tap. The game became rather ugly after the first goal, with 3 red cards, and another half-dozen or so yellows. There were some that should've been red, but the ref didn't catch them. All in all, a really watchable match, eh?

4 hours from now, Australia take on Brazil. I'm supporting the Ozzies, though Ronaldinho should be the man to watch. I'm not putting any bets on this one, with Brazil's average showing so far, and australia's last minute comeback against japan, I can't say anything. You chaps?

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france is a very bad team. it's the same team they had 1998 when they became wold cup winner and back then it was nothing else than luck. they played a bad tournament back then, always had the weakest opponents in all matches while brazil had some tough teams against them until the final. brazil played bad in the finals and france won but the whole woldcup-win was because of them playing "at home" and having very much luck.

the evidence that the team sucks came 2002 when they didn't even make it beyond the first round and now 2006 you can see it again. they made a miserable match against switzerland and had luck that switzerland didn't even win and now they played 1:1 against korea. and maybe they won't make it to the next round again. I really hope so. switzerland and korea in the next round and france out... would be great

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And vek, the same goes for Brazil this Cup, even they're playing with more or less the same team they had the previous world cup, and they're not playing too well either. Only Germany's impressed so far, and Spain to an extent, among the big guns, IMO.

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